How To Make a Minecraft Server

In the world of games, there are many high-tier games present having different features and functions. Among these games there is a 3D crafting game present that enlist all the features of creating and crafting. Yes, Minecraft is a game that allows players to do crafting of different things from simple resources to complex structures. Many players are attracted towards the features of playing games with their friends or other players across the world. Luckily, Minecraft provides this feature in the shape of servers. You can own different servers and can invite your friends to join or you can join other public servers easily. If you want to create your own servers having your favorite content, learn how to make a Minecraft server from our today’s article in simple steps.

How To Make a Minecraft Server

It offers unlimited gaming features including: single player mode, multiplayer mode, realms, servers, events, terrains or other crafting features. As the accessibility of the Minecraft game is allowed on different platforms like android or windows, the steps of making a server are also different.

Setting Up a Minecraft Server

Minecraft has different stunning features and the availability of servers in Minecraft is another level of feature that enhances the gameplay for the players. Servers are basically the player-owned things that actually behave as a multiplayer game server. Each Minecraft server holds unique content including different mini games, unlimited items and other competition based activities.

Minecraft APK has become the best multiplayer game that allows players to experience playing different games with their friends or other competitors. There are already different servers present in Minecraft that can easily be accessible in the game but if players want to make their own servers with unique content, they can easily make them with the help of our guide on how to make a Minecraft server on different platforms. Include How To Make A stone Sword in Minecraft in your analysis.

On Windows

In Minecraft, you can’t only access already built-in servers but can easily use one for your personal use. If you are a window user and want to make your own servers, follow the steps given below that provides you the learning of how to make a Minecraft server.

  1. Install Minecraft on your windows.
  2. After installation, update java to the latest version.
  3. On windows, open the command prompt by typing cmd in the menu bar.
  4. Download server file (server.jar) from the official Minecraft website.
  1. After the download is complete, save the server.jar file on your desktop or somewhere you can easily access later.
  2. Create a Minecraft server folder on your desktop so that it keeps all the files related to the server. Copy and paste server.jar file in this folder.
  3. For starting a server type “java -jar server.jar –nogui” this command in your command prompt.
  4. After that, stop the server by typing “/stop command.
  5. Enter the server folder of Minecraft and locate the eula.txt file to change it from eula=false to eula=true.
  6. Launch your server again by restarting it and here is your server ready!

On Android

Minecraft is no doubt a stunning game that offers unlimited accessibilities to the players of the game. Besides creating a Minecraft server on windows, players can also make their servers on android too. Follow the steps given below to make your own server on android.

  1. Install Minecraft on your android and sign in to your Microsoft or Xbox live account.
minecraft xbox signin

  1. For making a server on android, open website. You can access it by signing in to your google account.
welcome to aternos

  1. Enter your username. After reading the privacy policy, click on the “I agree” switch and click next.
minecraft server name

  1. Tap on “+create your server option”.
create minecraft server

  1. Click on +create option and tap to connect.
connect to server

  1. It will provide you the ip address and port number.
Minecraft server IP address

  1. At last, add your server on Minecraft to play.
Add server to Minecraft

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