Minecraft Oberon Boss Mod

Minecraft Oberon Boss Mod is an expansion that offers new mobs, bosses, special items and even special abilities to fight against opponents. Bring a warfare environment into your survival worlds adding new Oberon attacks and items. Download this Boss-centric Minecraft mod from our website and expand your war challenges.

Minecraft Oberon Boss Mod

Introducing New Bosses and Items into Minecraft

Influenced by the popular shooting video game Counter Strike Online, developers have developed the special Oberon Boss mod for Minecraft players. The mod adds a special boss Oberon that has special skills, abilities and attacks. You have to heavily fight against the boss mob and have to kill the boss to win the mod. So, let’s dive into this fighting journey and show up your best of attacks.

Special Features – Abilities

The Oberon is the greatest plus strongest boss that has been added by this mod to your Minecraft world. You have to defeat this boss to win in the mod and to obtain the special items and materials after killing the boss.

Minecraft Oberon Boss Mod
special attacks
Minecraft Oberon Boss Mod


Backfist is the first attack of Oberon. It deals 13 damages.

Ground Smash

Ground Smash is the second attack of Oberon. It will make entities fly with 27 damages.


Disturbance is the third attack of Oberon. This attack shakes the Minecraft ground when Oberon walks.

Black Hole

Black Hole is the fourth attack of Oberon. It pulls everything towards the Boss from 40 radius, dealing 21 damage.

Claw Strike

Claw Strike is the fifth attack of Oberon. The boss grows claws dealing double damage when his health reaches 50%.

Super Slam

Super Slam is the sixth attack of Oberon. He will kill everyone who is at a distance of 13 radius with this attack.


Bombardment is the seventh attack of Oberon. This attack of the boss is heavy and sends deadly bombs towards you.


Every Minecraft Boss drops some special items and materials once killed by the players in the gameplay. Likewise, Oberon Boss drops some special items after being killed.

  1. Dripstone Blocks
  2. Netherite Blocks
  3. Netherite Smithing Templates
  4. 50 XP

This stuff can only be obtained after killing the Oberon boss in this mod. Also check out Minecraft Draconic Igniter Weapons Mod.


Knowing the backstory of the appearance of the Oberon boss, Asteroid is the special item added by the mod that players find randomly in the Minecraft world. The oberon boss actually appeared from this Asteroid and ready to fight with you.


Finally to conclude this article, we can say that the mod is highly recommended for those Minecraft players who want fighting challenges. Experience the best of fights against the Oberon boss and win at the end. Your Minecraft APK version must be compatible with the mod to play and win the mod.


Does this mod add new items?

Yes, this mod adds new items to your Minecraft gameplay.

Where can I download this mod?

You can easily download this mod from our website.

Does the mob in this mod have special abilities?

Yes, the mob in this mod has special abilities.

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