Minecraft Simple Shops Mod

The Minecraft Simple Shops mod holds true levels of marketing with creative and personal shops. It allows players to select their favorite shops and become either a buyer or a seller. You can easily set up the shops at your selected shop areas and interact with nearby NPCs to get profits from your shops within Minecraft APK.

Minecraft Simple Shops Mod

Bringing Creative Shops into Minecraft Creative Worlds

Minecraft mods always bring different challenges, experiences and stuff into the survival worlds of Minecraft for players. This time, here is a great modification that players can take advantage of by adding it to their worlds. Minecraft simple shops adds new shops and new crafting recipes. You can easily settle your business as a shop and sell items to gain profits. Let’s dive into this journey and have your own personal plus creative shops.

Simple Shop Block Crafting 

For selling or buying, you need a simple shop block. It can easily be crafted in this mod. You need Chest, 5 Planks, and a piece of Nether Quartz in a 3×3 crafting grid.

Minecraft Simple Shops Mod


As discussed, you can either be a seller or a buyer it’s up to you. If you are fond of setting up your own shops in Minecraft and selling your items to other NPCs, you can easily do it as a seller. First of all, you have to craft a shop and hold a place on the Minecraft ground. 

  1. Firstly, set the price by right clicking the shop.
  2. Second, insert the item to sell by right clicking again.

This is how you can sell your items.


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You need different items in Minecraft either for crafting and building. For getting items, you can buy items from the shop in this mod. The shop has stocked items and can be restocked once all are sold.

  • Buy an item by right clicking the shop.


As a seller, you’ll get profit after selling all the items. You can easily withdraw your profits from the shop by left clicking the shop. After that withdraw all your stock and clear the price by Shift + Left clicking the shop.


The most amazing feature of this mod is that other NPCs in the game can’t break your shop blocks. They can only visit the shop and buy the items.


To conclude this article, the Simple shops mod is a great chance and plus a great challenge for Minecraft players to enhance their gameplay and learn the marketing skills by getting interactive with different sellers and buyers. Happy Selling or buying!


Where can I download this mod?

You can download this mod from our website.

Can I be a seller in this mod?

Yes, you can either be a seller or a buyer in this mod.

Is it compatible with the 1.21 version of Minecraft?

Yes, it is compatible with the 1.21 version of Minecraft.

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