How To Make A Conduit in Minecraft

In the world of games, the high ranked and most played game that you can say is Minecraft. It is one of the adventurous and creative games that has all the features of crafting. You can experience crafting in different modes and in different biomes like forest biome or sea biome. You can even experience playing Minecraft underwater and fight against different hostile mobs. As a player of a survival mode, you can make different powerful blocks and items for playing underwater like conduits that are the most powerful beacon like blocks. In this article, we are discussing how to make a conduit in Minecraft through crafting and showing creativity.

How To Make A Conduit in Minecraft

Make a Conduit in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Conduit is a strong block that is used underwater for strong attacks against strong mobs. If you are a sea lover and want to experience the underwater life in Minecraft then you must have a conduit by your side. It is similar to a beacon block that has a conduit powder so that players can easily attack against water mobs and experience the adventure.

In terms of crafting a conduit in Minecraft, it is very easy to make your own conduit by using 2 different materials. As we are discussing how to make a conduit in Minecraft, we have provided the proper steps for your guidance on making a powerful conduit block. Let’s start crafting a conduit and enhance the underwater gaming experience of the Minecraft game.

For making a piston in Minecraft, you need:

  • 8 Nautilus Shells
  • 1 Heart of the Sea
Making Conduit

Step 1 – Place Nautilus Shells

Nautilus shell is one of the best and most beautiful items found in the Minecraft game that is rarely used in crafting of a conduit. Players can obtain these shells from fishing as a treasure. Besides fishing, you can also get these shells by trading. Many wandering traders sell these shells for 5 emeralds each. So, after obtaining from any of the two ways above, place them in a 3×3 crafting grid. Three shells in row 1, another three shells in row 3 and at last place two shells in the 1st and last box of row 2. This is how you can place nautilus shells in the grid for making a conduit.

Step 2 – Place Heart Of The Sea

In Minecraft, heart of the sea is a very rare item and is a non craft-able item. So, if you want to get to the heart of the sea to make a conduit,  you have to obtain it from a buried treasure. You can easily trace this location by having red X on the buried treasure map. Once you obtain the heart, place it in the middle of row 2 of the 3×3 crafting grid.

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What Is The Usage Of a Conduit in Minecraft

Conduit is a high used block that is used for providing powerful effects to the players. Once you have activated a conduit underwater, you will get:

  • Night vision underwater
  • Fast mining speed
  • Oxygen
  • Strong damage attacks against hostile mobs like guardians and elder guardians.

Players can get these beneficial uses from a conduit. It acts as a torch underwater that emits a light level of 15. You can easily activate your conduit underwater by placing it in the center of the 3x3x3 water volume. So, start making and using a conduit now in any biome of Minecraft and enjoy experiencing the sea life.

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