Minecraft Helicopter Mod

You can play different Minecraft helicopter mods for enhancing the gameplay and experience simulation. These Mods add helicopters as well as other sky based machines.

Minecraft Helicopter Mod

Enhancing Gameplay By Simulating Helicopters

The Minecraft helicopter mod is best among all other minecraft mods in terms of simulation and unlimited opportunities. Players can enhance their gameplay by flying and launching different helicopters. Shoot your enemies as mobs through flying machines and increase your attack powers. Users can ride different helicopters and airplanes in different biomes and dimensions of Minecraft PE. Also check out Minecraft Boat Mod.

Minecraft Helicopter Mod

UAV Stations

One of the best features the helicopter mod has are UAV stations. You can spawn vehicles in your favorite coordinates by placing different UAV stations and opening GUI.

Minecraft Helicopter Mod

Stunning Planes

Besides flying on helicopters, players can enhance simulation flying stunning planes. There are many planes that allow you to land on water and float. They are very comfortable in terms of seating and speed.

stunning planes

Storage System

One of the most useful features of Minecraft helicopter mod is that it allows players to transport items from one place to another by storing them inside. This is the best source for trading in Minecraft.

storage plane


The Minecraft helicopter mod has a chain system. You can hang different items below them using chains for dropping them at their perfect destinations. You have to press the key for dropping the items.

Military Weapons

Different military helicopters hold dreadful weapons that players can use against enemies as mobs. Stinger missile is the ground control weapon that has high attacking points. Besides this, the helicopter mod holds another different weapon for you.

military weapons


In Minecraft Helicopter mod, you can launch different VTOL planes besides helicopters. They act differently and you can easily switch between these planes. VTOL lovers can surely enjoy playing the Minecraft Helicopter mod.



Can I store items in helicopters?

Yes, you can store items in helicopters like a chest.

Can I make my own helicopter in Helicopter mod?

Yes, you can make your own helicopter in Helicopter mod.

Are helicopters and airplanes riding players fast?

Yes, they are so fast that players can enjoy riding on them.

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