Minecraft Halloween Map

Halloween is a scary event enjoyed in Western locations. For recreation of this event, players can now add the latest Minecraft Halloween map where they can explore pumpkin patches, haunted houses, forests or other hidden mysteries with various Halloween costumes. This map is filled with scary mysteries and exploration that is a hell of fun.

Minecraft Halloween Map

Halloween Themed Minecraft Map

Among all other games, Minecraft PE has earned a reputation and popularity across the world because of its creative gameplay and features. Players can do exploration and crafting in different modes and editions using servers and maps. Halloween themed map is for the players who actually want to play it virtually. The map brings a horror environment to the Minecraft gameplay where you can explore various structures, houses, towns, characters, costumes and much more. The Halloween map is basically an adventurous map where you have to encounter different horrible situations and characters. Don’t forget to check out Minecraft Japanese House Map.

Witch’s Stew

Witch’s stew is an amazing map that surrounds the Halloween environment within Minecraft. The plot has added a queenzie that is looking for someone to brew potions for her in 5 minutes. The gameplay is all about brewing potions and falling into Queezie’s boiling cauldron.

Pumpkin Manor

Pumpkin manor is another best Halloween themed map that players can add to their Minecraft games. In this map, players have to find out the hidden items and have to solve the puzzles to fight with the mysterious pumpkin. You have to solve puzzles to reach the end.

The Wraithing Trials

This is another best Halloween themed map based on a horror environment. In this map, Minecraft players have to explore an old mining village to gather different resources for their survival. The most weaker one will be the wraith. To free from the horror night, a group of players have to kill wraith.


How can I download this Halloween map?

You can freely download the map from our website by clicking on the map file.

Can I play this map in the multiplayer mode of Minecraft?

Yes, you can play this map in the multiplayer mode of Minecraft.

Are there any hidden secrets in the map for adventure?

Yes, there are many hidden secrets in the map for your adventures.

Can I create my own Minecraft Halloween map?

Yes, you can create your own Minecraft Halloween map.

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