Minecraft GTA Map

Minecraft GTA map is the most popular gaming map built specially for the players who love the popular game GTA Vice City. This map is the recreation of GTA vice city where you can locate different structures and buildings similar to the original game.

Minecraft GTA Map

GTA Vice City Themed Minecraft Map

Minecraft is a vast game that has unlimited and unleashed features and tools. It allows players to explore widely using different maps. As Minecraft holds unlimited resources and locations, you can explore through maps. No doubt, GTA vice city is an amazing game that has been popular since the start.

People love playing and exploring the GTA game and taking it very seriously, one of the Minecraft players has made the GTA map for Minecraft that is basically a recreation of the whole city. Here in this map, players can explore Los Angeles and other locations similar to GTA and can explore beautiful structures and buildings. You can experience the GTA series within Minecraft through this stunning and amazing map. Also, be sure to visit Minecraft Halloween Map.


The GTA map is related to the GTA Vice City game, in which developers have added the experience of different GTA vehicles including cars, helicopters or boats.


As GTA vice city has been plotted on a beautiful location San Andreas, the game has many fascinating structures and buildings. This GTA map brings the atmosphere of the original game within Minecraft. Players can spawn different shops, buildings or grounds using this map.


Weapons play an important role in the brilliant GTA vice city game. This GTA map offers a wide range of GTA weapons that players can use within Minecraft. For example melee weapons or other explosives.


Can I play this map in Minecraft Survival mode?

Yes, you can play this map in Minecraft Survival mode.

Can GTA map be played in multiplayer mode?

Yes, GTA map can be played in multiplayer mode.

Does this map include GTA missions?

Yes, this interesting map includes GTA missions.

How can I download this GTA map?

You can download this map easily from our website through the map file.

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