Minecraft Excavator Mod

From digging tunnels to cleaning up the spaces, Minecraft Excavator mod adds different types of Excavator tools into your survival worlds. You can dig, move blocks and mine 1×3 tunnels and other 3×3 areas using an Excavator machine. It works actually like the hopper making your mining and digging easier.

Minecraft Excavator Mod

Introducing Minecraft Excavator Mod for Making Digging Easier

Minecraft is a game of crafting and building and both aren’t easier without any strong tools, machines and equipment. For making your building plans easier in Minecraft, the developers offer the beautiful Minecraft mod as Excavator mod to the players of Minecraft. You can enhance your digging skills at any level of building using Excavators. It works as a shovel but mines the areas more quickly. Let’s know about different features of this mod.

Crafting The Excavator

The mod has a greatest feature for the Minecraft Players of crafting the Excavator machine alongside the cart. So, for crafting the machine you need a block of Redstone, minecart, hopper and observer. Place all the materials in the 3×3 crafting grid to get the Excavator machine.

Crafting The Excavator


Excavator is the most powerful tool machine offered by the Minecraft Excavator mod. You have to just put rail and torch in the inventory of the Excavator. Its functions are really simple and have more power and speed than any other tools. You just have to place an Excavator on the ground and it will automatically dig and mine for you the larger areas.


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Heavy Constructions

Besides the main Excavator machine for mining and digging, the mod has added other heavy constructions that will help you in the future constitutions of game structures. Players can easily access them in the mod inventory and do interactions with them to get them and use them.


Finally to conclude our article, we can say that besides all other tools, you must have excavator machines with you while constructing. For having such machines, download Minecraft Excavator mod from our website to get your own Excavator machines within Minecraft but before checking its compatibility with your Minecraft APK.


Where can I download this mod?

You can download this mod from our website.

Can I play this mod with my friends?

Yes, you can play this mod with your friends in a multiplayer mode.

Can Excavators dig tunnels in this mod?

Yes, Excavators dig tunnels in this mod.

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