Minecraft Nuke Mod

Minecraft has the best explosive weapons, blocks and tools for combat purposes. The Minecraft nuke mod has added the nukes as blocks that are used for explosions on a large scale. The nuke has a higher explosion radius than any other explosive blocks.

Minecraft Nuke Mod

Nuke Blocks Explosive Minecraft Mods

If you are a seeker of large explosions and want high damage fighting and combat against mobs, this mod is truly made for you. As a Minecraft player you have explored many items and blocks like bombs, TNT or missiles but this mod has added nukes that are related to nuclear themed stuff. Explore different features of this Nuke mode and enhance your gameplay using nuke as weapons against enemies on large scale. Further more, check out Minecraft TNT Mod as well.

Nuclear Weapons

As nuke is the most powerful tool or block used in Minecraft APK, here is a mod that allows players to get free nukes and other nuclear weapons like missiles or bombs for fighting against different passive and hostile mobs. For massive destruction in Minecraft, you have to download this nuke mod.

Nuclear Reactors

Minecraft is a game that uses nuclear mechanisms and Redstone Mechanisms. In this nuke mod, players can get different nuclear reactors that basically provide energy using nuclear fissions.

Nuclear Items

Nuke is a nuclear item that players can use for explosives against mobs in different modes. The nuke mod has added best of nuclear items and blocks and other crafting recipes related to the nuclear. Now, enhance your gameplay adding this mod to your survival worlds.


Can I play this Nuke mod with friends?

Yes, you can play with your friends as it supports multiplayer mode.

Is it free to download?

Yes, Minecraft Nuke mod is completely free to download from our website.

Does this mod have other explosions besides nukes?

Yes, Minecraft nuke mod offers other explosions besides nukes.

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