Minecraft Artillery Mod

Minecraft Artillery mod is known as the most popular Weapon mod that offers various artilleries including guns, cannons or other missiles. For making the gameplay more attractive and adventurous, you can download this Minecraft mod that will be useful for high damaging fights against mobs or other entities.

Minecraft Artillery Mod

The Artillery Weapon Mod

As Minecraft is a simulation plus combat type video game, the gameplay is full of heavy fights and wars against mobs. The artillery mod is a source of concern for the players as it has added unlimited artillery ranged weapons. The ranged weapons including cannons or explosives.

Playing in a Minecraft is not a simple thing for many players and the need of mods becomes necessary for enhancing the gameplay and making it more effective and interesting. So, Download the Minecraft Artillery mod from out. Also, don’t forget to visit the iconic Cactus Mod of Minecraft.

Artillery Weapons

For military fights against mobs, the mod has added best of artilleries as weapons. Each of the artillery has its special effects and damages with high durabilities. Players can do explosions and shoots against hostile and passive mobs playing the mod. Here are different artillery weapons offered by the game.

  1. Oerlikon 20 mm cannon
  2. Mortars
  3. Tanks
  4. Type 96 25mm Triple AA Gun
  5. Howitzers
  6. Gatling Guns
  7. Artillery Turrets

Artillery Ammunition

Minecraft Artillery mod offers unlimited weapons, items, armors and other explosives for better fights against mobs. As this mod offers artillery, each artillery has its own shells. The mod has added various artillery ammunition like explosive shells, incendiary rounds and smoke grenades.


Can I play this mod with friends?

Yes, you can play Minecraft Artillery mod with friends as it supports multiplayer mode.

Can I use Artillery guns for free in this mod?

Yes, you can use artillery guns for free in this mod.

What are two materials for crafting artilleries?

Cannon and a Chassis are needed for crafting artilleries.

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