Minecraft Craftopia Mod

Wanna add 1000+ furniture blocks to your survival worlds of Minecraft? The legendary Minecraft Craftopia mod by its name, is a blasting modification that adds 1200+ new block designs including furniture for your interior and exterior of Minecraft houses. Get a chance to build a whole territory with such amazing blocks in this Minecraft mod and be an owner within Minecraft.

Minecraft Craftopia Mod

Introducing Design Blocks into Minecraft Survival Worlds

Minecraft is a world of crafting plus surviving by gathering different resources and living a life in blocky buildings. As time passes, the demand of Minecraft players to bring new items, blocks and other stuff increases. Considering the demands and needs of the players, the developers introduced a new Craftopia mod that is a combination of 3 three different mods including Furniture, Feudal Furniture, and Modern Furniture.

This mod will bring new building styles, new decoration blocks and stylish choices for you in Minecraft. It is compatible with your different Minecraft download versions but check before downloading the best of furniture mod into your Minecraft worlds. Further more also check out Minecraft Mario Mod.

Accessing Mod features in Creative Mod

Minecraft creative is such an easiest mode that allows players to get anything they want easily without any gathering and hardest surviving. So for getting this mod in the creative mode of Minecraft, there are different types of commands present. You have to type those commands into Minecraft chat. 

  • /give @p f:;
  • /give @p pf:;
  • /give @p ff:.

You can then select your favorite furniture blocks and other items from the list.

Accessing Mod features in Creative Mod

Accessing Mod features in Survival Mod

Survival mode of Minecraft is for beginner players of Minecraft and is the hardest mode. You have to work hard playing in this mode. From gathering resources to building houses, everything is not easy. So, you need to craft items and blocks in the survival mode adding Craftopia mod. You can access mod and mod features by placing a clayball in the stone cutter. For getting your favorite furniture blocks, you can use a stonecutter to craft.

Accessing Mod features in Survival Mod

Different Items

Minecraft players who are fond of decorating their beautiful survival and creative houses of Minecraft can get amazing furniture items and blocks in the Minecraft Craftopia mod. You can get stylish furniture including curtains, carpets, bed, stairs, lamps, stool, metal scaffolding, cellar hatch, kitchen furniture, bath covers and other designs.

Different Items


In conclusion, there’s a great need for new design blocks and other furniture blocks in the Minecraft survival worlds for building larger attractive constructions. With the Minecraft Craftopia mod, bring stylish blocks and other decorations into Minecraft and embark on a new journey as a builder or a decorator.


Can I get the download file of this mod from this website?

Yes, you can easily get the download file of this mod from our website.

Does this mod work on the Bedrock edition of Minecraft?

Yes, this mod works on the Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

Can I play this mod in multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can play this mod in multiplayer mode.

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