Minecraft 1.18 Mountain Seeds For Bedrock Edition

Minecraft players love exploring the mountain biome having largest peak mountains in the surroundings of the houses. Explore the top 5 Minecraft 1.18 mountain seeds for Bedrock Edition as it is difficult to explore and discover in the bedrock edition of Minecraft. You can build your own survival houses using the seeds provided below.

Minecraft 1.18 Mountain Seeds For Bedrock Edition

Top 5 Minecraft 1.18 Mountain Seeds

Minecraft is a 3D online game that allows players to craft and build unlimited in different biomes of Minecraft. Players can build their astonishing survival builds in the mountain areas with the enthralling beauty of mountains and the hill side. Using the Minecraft 1.18 mountain seeds for Bedrock Edition in this article, you can spawn mountain areas and the biomes having mountains. So start your adventurous journey of exploring the Minecraft mountain biomes. If you’re intrigued, also see Best Minecraft Mangrove Swamp Seeds For Java and Bedrock.

Frozen Mountains

  • Seed Code: -98990689

One of the most stunning plus attractive locations of Minecraft APK to explore. This seed will initially spawn you at the taiga biome having snowy frozen mountains that enhance the beauty of your house you will build.

Crater Forest

  • Seed Code: 1095858946

Another best Bedrock seed that will amaze you in a beautiful way. This seed will initially spawn you at the crater forest that consists of different mountains. It is a dark oak tree forest with mountains all around.

Shattered Mountains

  • Seed Code:  383000849

This seed has different mountains in a single place. Yes, using this seed you will initially spawn at a beautiful location having shattered mountains all around. Moreover, you can spawn mushrooms island nearby in this seed.

Badland Mountains

  • Seed code:  8301387

Ever wanted to explore the badlands biome of Minecraft? Using this seed, you will initiate spawn at the largest badlands mountain located in the badlands biome. The mountain is 256 blocks high touching the clouds.

Caves and Cliffs

  • Seed Code: 12855171

Another best plus top most beautiful seed for the bedrock edition players who love exploring mountain areas. You will initially spawn above the clouds in a terrain. This terrain is surrounded by snow. Nearby is a huge cave opening to explore in a mountainous biome.

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