Best Minecraft Mangrove Swamp Seeds For Java and Bedrock

Minecraft Mangrove Swamp is a rare biome that takes a lot of time to find and explore having larger villages and unlimited mangrove resources. Using the best Minecraft Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Java and Bedrock, you can spawn different patches of this stunning biome.

Minecraft Mangrove Swamp Seeds

Minecraft Mangrove Swamp Best Seeds

As of the latest update in versions of Minecraft, the game has a beautiful mangrove swamp biome that is basically the update of Swamp biome having different types of villages, structures and muddy environments and animals like fishes and frogs.

Moreover, exploring this beautiful biome helps players to gather red wood from chopping tall trees. So, for all of this, you have to use different seed codes given below to generate places surrounding the Mangrove swamp biome.

Mangrove Oasis

  • Seed: 971639062
  • Mangrove Oasis: -264 -360
  • Java Desert Temple/Village: 240 0
  • Bedrock Ancient City: 456 -51 936

This amazing seed will provide you a beautiful oasis to build structures in both editions of Minecraft. You will initially spawn at the middle of the desert biome and also the mangrove swamp in the middle of the desert biome. Moreover, you can spawn desert temples and villages nearby.

Mangrove Swamp Mansion

  • Seed: 5454173288014282276
  • Java Jungle Temple: 376 248
  • Bedrock Jungle Temple: -856 -296

This seed is unique among best Minecraft Mangrove Swamp seeds for Java and Bedrock in its own way as it initially spawns players at a beautiful modern mansion inside the mangrove swamp but only in Bedrock Edition. Besides this, you can spawn amazing structures plus desert temples in both editions of Minecraft.

Mangrove Swamp Village

  • Seed: 67561815575817929
  • Village: 608 80
  • Lush Cave: -375 -1 115
  • Java Dungeon: -141 -31 91

It is one of the best mangrove swamp seeds that will amaze you in the best way. You will initially spawn at the front of the Waterfall inside mangrove swamp. Besides the waterfall there is a stunning mangrove village nearby that you can spawn easily and get lost in ancient structures.

Mangrove Plains

  • Seed: -1008757084806381612
  • Java Savanna Village: 128 944
  • Bedrock Savanna Village: 808 776
  • Java Witch Hut: 232 -776

Mangrove swamp is a biome that is uncommon and very difficult to spawn but this seed will spawn you at the mangrove plains having clusters of forest biome in its surroundings. Besides this, a few blocks away you can spawn a savanna village and witch hut.

Mangrove Forest Desert Island

  • Seed: 462057889715
  • Java Diamond Fossil: -5 -44 -11
  • Bedrock Desert Well: 898 177

This seed is a mixture of desert island plus mangrove swamp biome. Yes using this seed, you will initially spawn at a beautiful desert island with a desert village that is surrounded by the mangrove swamp biome. This seed is worth trying as it generates a world full of beauty. If this can’t get enough, explore Best Minecraft Bedrock Edition Village Seeds.

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