How To Unbind a Key in Minecraft

Minecraft is no doubt a well known and enthralling game that allows players to get the experience of simulation, crafting, fighting and Combat at the same time by generating texture worlds. As Minecraft is a vast game, it has more gaming settings and controls. For better gaming in Minecraft, you can bind and unbind keys by assigning specific actions to the keys. Players can even modify the key bindings and unbind anytime they want for upgrading. In this article, we will guide you on how to unbind a key in Minecraft so that you can change bind and unbind key according to gameplay.

how to unbind a key in Minecraft

Step By Step Guide On Unbinding a Key in Minecraft

As like binding a key in Minecraft for specific actions, players can easily unbind a key in Minecraft using the game’s control setting. Know the process of unbinding a key in Minecraft and assign different actions to different key bindings of mouse or a keyboard.

As Minecraft has different editions and versions, the binding and unbinding of a key is not allowed like in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but in all other versions. Also check out How To Play Minecraft.

Step 1

Launch your Minecraft Java edition on your System.

Step 2

Open the main menu of the game and Select “Options”.

Step 3

Once the Open menu appears on your screen, click on “Controls”.

Step 4

The Control menu will then display the list of key bindings. Select your keybinding you want to unbind and click on it.

Step 5

Once you have selected the key binding, Press ESC on the keyboard to unbind the key. Now you can assign different actions to that key.


Can I bind multiple actions to a single key in Minecraft?

No, you can’t bind multiple actions to a single key to avoid difficulties while playing Minecraft.

Is there any difference between key bindings of Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition?

Yes, the difference of key bind varies from mode to mode like between Java and Bedrock Edition.

Do key bindings remain the same after updates?

Yes, key bindings remain the same even after game updates.

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