How to Teleport in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world 3D game in which players can experience gameplay with full 3D items, graphics, resources, blocks, structures or even dimensions. In this game you can explore different worlds, mods and dimensions and can easily start crafting there with unlimited resources. It allows you to show your creativity and crafting skills in its different versions and modes. If you are new to the game or word teleport and want to learn how to teleport in Minecraft, let’s get started with this article.

How to Teleport in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that can be played by over 140 millions plus users and holds crafting content for people of any age. You can experience playing in a single player or in a multiplayer mode of Minecraft with the same gameplay and creativity. You can do crafting of items like armors, weapons or other mining materials for building simple to complex structures. It also offers a feature of this technological world, a feature of teleportation, for visiting different locations of Minecraft within seconds.

Teleport in Minecraft

Teleport is one of the best Minecraft features that holds a basic concept of transportation. You can teleport different entities and objects from one location to another like teleporting different items or objects to their targeted locations. The teleportation of players and mobs is different and holds different ways. The question raised by most of the Minecraft players is how to teleport in Minecraft. It’s Simple, today in our article we are providing the information on how to teleport in Minecraft so that players get answers and enjoy gameplay experience by teleporting.

Teleport Commands

Teleportation of things or even of other players, holds different commands. If you are new to the Minecraft game and new to the word teleport, go through our article that provides you the information on what is teleport in Minecraft and how to teleport in Minecraft.

You can use different teleport commands for teleportation of different things but be first in enabling the cheats. For best teleportation, use /tp command with the ABC coordinate so that you will transport to the exact location. You can find coordinates in both Minecraft editions: bedrock and java. In java, press F3 on the keyboard while in bedrock, you can see different coordinates by clicking on the “show coordinates” option. The command for exact teleport in Minecraft with its coordinates is : /tp A B C.

  • If you want to teleport any other player use command: /tp @a @s. Where @s is the coordinate.
  • /tp ~ 62: It teleports you to only sea level.
  • For teleporting a nearby enemy use command: /tp @e[type=EnemyName] @s.

How to Teleport to Other Dimensions?

Teleportation in Minecraft is very easy through different commands. You can even teleport yourself to different dimensions or worlds. As for dimensions, your original spawn dimension is the world in which your first Minecraft begins. The nether and the end are another two stunning dimensions of Minecraft holding unique stuff to experience and play.

Players can even teleport between these two dimensions within seconds through teleport command. For teleporting yourself to these dimensions use command: “/execute in DimensionName run tp PlayerName”. This command is basically for the players who have a java edition. The coordinates of these two dimensions are more than the normal overworld like having lava or mountains. Be safe and ensure you will be able to teleport to the right coordinates or not using the command given above.

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