Minecraft Coal Vs Charcoal

Minecraft is no doubt a role playing and a stunning game that has all the features of crafting and tooling. Its Awe-inspiring blocky graphics make the gameplay more attractive than ever. You can build from simplest homes to complex castles, other items, blocks and minerals in Minecraft by following simple steps. In terms of minerals, Minecraft has two best minerals: coal and charcoal. Both are alternative to each other and hold some differences between each other. Players can use both as a fuel in a very simple way to craft other items and machines. In this article, we have provided the uses, obtaining and differences as Minecraft coal vs charcoal.

Minecraft Coal Vs Charcoal

Coal Vs Charcoal: Understanding the Properties and Uses in Minecraft

As both charcoal and coal are the sources for smelting items or ores, you can say that both have the same properties and uses rather than having differences. Our main goal here is to provide some important versus points to make your vision clear about both coal and charcoal. Also, make sure to take a look at Minecraft Vs Fortnite.

Minecraft Coal Detail Guide

Minecraft holds the best minerals and coal is one of the most important minerals in the game. It acts as a fuel, used for smelting different items or ores. You can say that coal is a well known resource found in Minecraft.

The Use Of Coal

  1. For smelting ores.
  2. For cooking as a fuel source.
  3. For trading.
  4. For crafting torches.


You can obtain coal in Minecraft by mining. It can be found in deep coal ore blocks underground that can be mined through picaxe.

Minecraft Charcoal Detail Guide

Charcoal is the best alternative to coal in Minecraft and is called the newest version of coal. It also acts as a fuel for smelting ores or cooking in a furnace. Players can easily obtain charcoal as compared to coal in Minecraft.

The Use of Charcoal

  1. Used as a fuel for smelting and cooking.
  2. For crafting torches.
  3. For trading.
  4. Used for crafting charcoal blocks.


In terms of obtaining, charcoal is far better than coal in Minecraft. It can easily be obtained by smelting wood in a furnace.

Minecraft Coal Vs Charcoal – Differences

Trade Value

As both minerals are used for trading, the higher trading value in Minecraft is coal. Coal is rarely found in Minecraft as compared to charcoal.

Burning Time

Burning capacity of both the minerals in Minecraft is different. Charcoal has less burning time than coal that is very effective for the players


In Minecraft, charcoal has dark grey color and coal has black color.

Mining Efficiency

The mining efficiency of coal blocks is faster than the charcoal blocks if mined with pickaxe.


Coal are more accessible in Minecraft. Players can find in wide variety of biomes than charcoal.

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