Minecraft Survival Mode Seeds

Isn’t the survival mode harder for exploration and building? Gathering resources plus building structure in vast areas is a bit difficult but using the most beautiful Minecraft Pocket Edition survival mode seeds, you are able to explore different biomes of the survival world and to gather resources like wood or other materials easily within no time.

Minecraft Survival Mode Seeds

Cool Seeds For Your Survival World

Minecraft survival mode is the starting mode for the beginners of Minecraft plus the strongest key point towards crafting and building. This mode has endless possibilities for building and collecting resources. Somehow the survival mode doesn’t need a short time to explore the whole terrain, So you have to use seeds in your worlds.

Seeds have code that directly affects the locations and the initial spawning points. In this article, we have provided some cool Minecraft survival mode seeds that help you survive the world. Also check out Best Java Edition Village Seeds.

Seed: 6362205660132580711

  • Main Location: Unique Desert Temple
  • Edition: Java edition
  • Main Coordinates -562, 75, -1364
  • Initial Point: This seed has focused on the unique desert Temple and a desert village and you will initially spawn at the beautiful desert village having different structures ancient plus modern.
  • Key Point 1: You can spawn a lush cave that is settled in the village.
  • Key Point 2: Nearby the desert village are different lakes for better exploration.

Seed: -2419527106680428309

  • Main Location: The Ocean Witch
  • Edition: Bedrock edition
  • Main Coordinates: -980, 70, -728
  • Initial Point: You will initially spawn at the witch hut as it only spawned in the swamp biome. But using this seed, you can spawn a witch hut that is located inside the swamp biome that is in the middle of the ocean.
  • Key Point 1: This house is not a floating house so no chance of getting spawned by the oceanic mobs.
  • Key Point 2: You can explore two in one place including the ocean plus swamp biome.

Seed: 121825627925

  • Main Location: Lava in Water Sinkhole
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock edition
  • Main Coordinates: -13, -54, 1
  • Initial Point: You will initially spawn at the dark forest biome having a huge lake nearby. This lake has dangerous holes in the middle.
  • Key Point 1: This lake has a hole called lava sinkhole that is the opening of a cave in the middle of the lake.
  • Key Point 2: At the bottom is a lava having obsidian blocks nearby.

Seed: 5154957738255504112

  • Main Location: Bastion Fortress
  • Edition: Java/Bedrock edition
  • Main Coordinates: 40, 72, -160
  • Initial Point: You will initially spawn at the two most scary plus dangerous structures of nether dimension including Bastion and nether fortress. Using the coordinates you can easily spawn the location in the Nether dimension.
  • Key Point 1: You can spawn three templates in the structure.
  • Key Point 2: Besides the Bastion Remnant, you can also spawn nether fortress using this seed.

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