Zombie Apocalypse Beginners Guide

Minecraft is an adventurous game that has different features and modes. Zombie Apocalypse is an amazing survival mode present in Minecraft. In this mode, players have to survive 100 days around different zombies. Players can play Minecraft games with updated features like different worlds, realms and realms plus. Different modes are present that have unique features and functions. You have to fight against zombies, mobs and other different creatures present in this game to gain points. The zombie apocalypse is one of the most played modes of Minecraft. You can kill thousands of zombies of different types to survive in 100 days. Players can test their gaming and fighting skills in this zombie apocalypse mode by killing different types of zombies.

Zombie Apocalypse

The graphics of this game are top level. All the obstacles and worlds present in this game have beautiful graphics and each has its own inspiration, sound and music. There is a host system present in Minecraft zombie apocalypse. This host system provides different features to the players and the host to play in a multiplayer mode. The environment of this game is so cool. Millions of active players can host the game. You can easily change the environment from night to day to easily kill the zombies. Create your own world now for 100 days. This game is scary and based on zombies and things related to zombies.


Minecraft zombie apocalypse mode is the part of an amazing game Minecraft. The Minecraft game is itself a huge success that has millions plus active players.  In survival mode, players have to play this game for 100 days. Players have to kill giant zombies and create their own worlds. This mode is actually a survival mode in which players have to survive till last.  Zombie apocalypse game mode has amazing features including weapons and unique worlds. Players can use shotguns and crossbows for killing zombies and for surviving.

Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft

Players can use different zombie apocalypse maps to find and explore unique zombies for killing. Zombies can’t survive in the sunlight. You have to kill zombies only at night. Players can get different adventures in different parts of this game. You can hide behind different things from the zombies. Fight against them and build your own castles and villages and survive till the 99th day in your world. Get it on from Google Play.

Types of Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies play an important role in this game. In zombie apocalypse mode, you can adventure scary nights and hidden mysteries. Minecraft gameplay has their own unique zombies for different purposes. Each zombie has its own specialization and specification. The different zombies present in this zombie survival mode are listed below

  1. Baby zombie
  2. Zombie villager
  3. Drowned
  4. Husk
  5. Giants
  6. Zoglin

And other dangerous zombies are present to kill the players. In this mode, you have to kill thousands of zombies in 100 days to get achievements and rewards. Play more and survive till the end.

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Zombie Apocalypse Features

There are different features present in this zombie survival mode.

Zombie Hordes

This is an amazing event in this game mode. There are a total of 6 to 7 zombies present in zombie hordes. During a horde in this game, there are 20 Chances to spawn zombies.

Zombie Totem

Players can gather different zombie totems of judging for better playing and discovering zombies. You can’t create these totems with Craft tables. You have to find the game by yourself.

Night Vision Goggle

The best feature of this survival mode are night vision goggles to enable the light green color. Through green light players can easily see better in dark areas. In zombies apocalypse mode, zombies get a red tint.


The Minecraft zombie mod game has a cool environment with amazing graphics of everything present in this game. Players can play and fight against different zombies in such a realistic environment.

Zombie Costumes

Players of this zombie survival game can get amazing and unique zombie costumes or skins to change the look of the game. Players can change different costumes like zombie mars 2, mara, zombie nurse or zombie girl costume.

Zombie Apocalypse Servers

Minecraft zombie apocalypse is a survival mode game that has many features and tools to play. You have to fight against zombies in your world for 100 days. There are no limitations in Minecraft zombie apocalypse to create different resources to protect yourself. There are some Minecraft servers present to provide this zombie apocalypse game mode to the players.

The main and best Minecraft zombie apocalypse servers are listed below.

  1. The creeping dead
  2. Dead MC
  3. ODA revolution
  4. The mining dead
  5. Outbreak

These are some servers for Minecraft zombies apocalypse. You have to survive till the end of the zombie apocalypse to achieve your goals and achievements.


Minecraft zombie apocalypse mode is the hardest survival mode for the players to play. You have to kill thousands of zombies in 100 days and survive till the end. For defense, Minecraft zombie apocalypse players must have different weapons. These are called apocalypse weapons. Players can explode dangerous zombies by amazing and powerful weapons present in this game. You can use different resources as weapons like axes to chop wood and stones. Some main weapons present in this game are listed below

  1. Axe
  2. Baseball bat
  3. Crossbow
  4. Shotgun
  5. Katana
  6. Handgun
  7. Machete
  8. Hatchet
  9. Sledge Hammer
  10. Cleaving saw

These are some powerful weapons present to deal with different types of zombies. Play hard in zombie apocalypse game mode and survive till the last (100 days) by killing different zombies.


Is it safe to download Minecraft zombies apocalypse?

Yes, it’s completely safe and secure to download and play this amazing game with full entertainment.

Which zombie is called the most dangerous zombie?

Zombie villager is considered as the most dangerous zombie in the Minecraft game.

Which Minecraft server is for zombie apocalypse?

Dead Mc is the server for playing in a zombie apocalypse mode.

Can I get different weapons for killing zombies?

Yes, players can buy different weapons and use them to kill zombies in Minecraft zombies apocalypse.

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