Parrots Dance in Minecraft

Minecraft is a vast and most popular game around the world that allows players to do different crafting and building without any limitations. You can tame passive and hostile mobs and make a fun environment. Among all other passive mobs, parrots are friendly mobs with whom you can go on adventures. In this article, we are providing a complete guide on how to make parrots dance in Minecraft with proper steps and pictures.

 how to make parrots dance in Minecraft

Steps to Teach Parrots to Dance in Minecraft

Parrots are the passive mobs that you can easily spawn in the jungle biomes of Minecraft. They are friendly and tamable mobs that you can easily make them dance on the dance floor. In steps of making parrots dance in Minecraft, you need :

  1. Jukebox
  2. Note Block
  3. Music Disc

Step 1: Find Parrots

In the first step of making parrots dance, you have to find different parrots from jungle biomes. You can easily spot them because of their bright colors.


Step 2: Tame Parrots

In the second step, after finding parrots, you have to tame specific parrots whom you want to dance in . You can easily tame a parrot by right clicking on a parrot while having seeds in your hand.

TAME parrots

Step 3: Place Jukebox and Insert Music Disc

For making parrots dance, you have to find a vast or flat space first. You can rename it as a dance floor. Now, place a jukebox or note block near the dance floor and insert disc music in the jukebox. This will make parrots dance in Minecraft.

place jukebox

Step 4: Enjoy the Dance

Keep trying different moves of dancing on the dance floor and encourage your tamed parrots as they dance along you.

enjoy the dance

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Why is my parrot not dancing?

If you have started jukebox before spawning a parrot, your parrot does not dance.

Do all parrots dance in Minecraft?

No, not all parrots dance in Minecraft.

Can parrots repeat our voice?

Yes, parrots of a few species repeat your voice.

What do I need to tame a parrot?

You need seeds for taming a parrot in Minecraft.

Can I use different music discs for tunes?

Yes, you can use different music discs for tunes.

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