Minecraft World Types

Minecraft is a widely used game and has many latest features. The game starts with different Minecraft world types. You have to create different worlds and rename them to enter a world full of beautiful mountains and greenery. Players can explore new features, new updates and new adventures in Minecraft. It is beautifully designed by the developers. This Minecraft game is a popular gameplay that has different versions. You can play this adventurous game on your androids, pcs and iOS devices. Minecraft is accessible on all devices. You can experience different modes in Minecraft and play in different Minecraft world types.

minecraft world types

There are also some built-in and user created worlds present. You can download other prayer’s worlds in premium mode with real time money. Join the biggest communities of players in this amazing gameplay and craft thousands of items. Minecraft APK is a crafting game in which players can craft different resources for their survival like beds, axes and homes. You can play this game in different modes. These game modes have default world types like you can play in flat world type in only creative mode.

You can create your own unique worlds full of high mountains, oceans and farms. Players can create and craft anything they want in Minecraft worlds. If you want to make the game strategic then you have to discover mysteries of different worlds. Minecraft is a stunning old game and can be played in a multiplayer mode. You can create different realms and connect them to the servers to invite your friends. Start crafting today and create your own unique worlds.

Minecraft World Types

There are different Minecraft world types available for the players to get full fun and adventures. These world types have different specifications. Each has its own name, title, dimensions and accessible Minecraft modes. The total of 3 unique world types are present for selecting while creating worlds.

World types Minecraft

Minecraft World Type 1– Flat

Flat world type is more used than the other two Minecraft world types. This type of world is actually an infinite world. You can select this world type only when you are in creative mode. This world type is only created for creative mode. You can get amazing cheats and commands in flat world type.

Flat world type is simple and has 3 layers. Top layer of grass, bottom layer of dirt and there is another layer that exists under the dirt layers that is bedrock. You can get a beautiful flat world with normal damages. In this flat world type, mobs are present but they spawn normally. Not more or not less and this is the beauty of this world type. Many people is also searching about Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Minecraft World Type 2 – Infinite

Infinite world type is amazing. You can wander in the world with an endless run. This is a default type of world. You can craft unique items in an infinite world type. Players can play in this world forever. Infinite world has no boundaries and you can select this world type in both gaming modes. Cheats are not activated in this world. You have to survive and create different crafting items for your survival.

This is the main purpose of this world. There are thousands of blocks present at each point of the infinite world. Be careful by playing in an infinite world type. Mobs spawn more in this world.

Minecraft World Type 3 – Old

This is the last and default type of world present in Minecraft gameplay. Old is actually a finite type of world. This is similar to a flat world but has the difference of finite and infinite.

There are invisible bedrocks present in this type of world and have a finite area of 256 x 256. Players can run this world in low configuration devices with smaller worlds and this is its advantage. Players of this world type can’t generate the biomes of dark forests.

Dimensions In Minecraft

The Overworld

Over world is a dimension that is only accessible in old type worlds. The overworld is simple to play and players are attracted more towards this dimension. This is somehow Similar to the earth. You can’t access this overworld dimension in infinite and flat Minecraft world types.

Different biomes are present in this overworld like jungle or swaps. Beginners can start their games from this overworld. This dimension has different terrain structures of worlds. If you want to switch to the nether dimension world then this could only be possible through the over world.

The Nether

Neither dimension is not as simple as the over world. This has different and unique structures. You can see different dangerous items like fire and lava. The biomes are unique to each other. Players can easily access the nether.

You have to create a nether portal in the overworld for entering in it. Players need some rectangular obsidian frame. For activating this nether portal, you have to place fire in the middle of the frame. This portal is created only by using cheats. Play well and get different and amazing experiences.

The End

This is a dark dimension of Minecraft gameplay that has unique and separate islands. This is actually the end of the Minecraft game. Players of this dimension must have Endermen, Endermen crystals and Obsidians. You can go far in the islands of this biome. If you want to quit the end dimension you have to kill ender dragon to win the whole gameplay.

Players can find different elytra. Players can find the end portal easily by finding a stronghold. You have to build the missing parts of the end portal by missing the eyes of the ender to activate the end portal.

Best Minecraft Worlds To Download

There are different and unique worlds present in the Minecraft game. You can download these worlds with real-time money. Players can either create their own worlds or download other player’s worlds.

Top best and adventurous worlds to download are listed below

  1. Shiganshina District
  2. City-17
  3. Liyue Harbor
  4. The Maze
  5. Medard Estate


Can I Play in the flat world type in survival mode?

No, you can’t play in the flat world type if you are selecting the survival mode. It is only available for creative mode.

Is the infinite world type and old world type the same?

No, they are totally different from each other because the old world type is not infinite and has a finite area of 256 x 256.

How to get access to enter in the nether?

You can get access by creating a nether portal in the overworld.

Can I create a nether portal in the old world type?

No, You can’t create a nether portal in the old world type because cheats are needed to create a nether portal.

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