Minecraft Iceologer Mod

Ever wanted to fight against dangerous Minecraft dungeon mobs in your simple survival worlds? Minecraft Iceologer mod is a latest modification that offers players with a new Dungeon Mob that is hostile in nature and can be spawned in the snowy biomes of Minecraft APK. Get ready to spawn,  summon and kill the Chillager mob by downloading this Minecraft mod in your currently installed Minecraft download version.

Minecraft Iceologer Mod

Fighting Against Minecraft Iceologer Mod in Survival World

Minecraft has a strongest Iceologer mob that can only be spawned in the Minecraft dungeons at snowy biomes and is hostile in nature. The mob, having red eyes with a blue cloak, attacks harder on the players. If you want to fight with the most powerful mob Iceologer, the Minecraft Iceologer Mod has added this mob egg in your inventory. Spawn the mob in your survival world and start a combat between you and an Iceolger. Also check out Minecraft Cricket Mod to enjoy cricket game in Minecraft.

Summon the Iceologer

As Minecraft Iceologer Mod adds a strongest Iceologer mob that is also called as Chillager, you have different chances of enjoying the mod from summoning the mod and trying to fight harder against the mobs. So, firstly you have to spawn this hostile mod through a spawn egg and bring him to the top of a snowy biome mountain. He doesn’t use his arms to fight, but shoots snowball projectiles towards your direction. So, be careful while fighting and summoning him. Get diamond armor with yourself to fight against this mob. Punch him as much as you can as he uses different spells and abilities. 

Summon the Iceologer

Iceologer Abilities

The dangerous dungeon mob Iceologer has top 3 abilities that he used while fighting against the players. The abilities make him more powerful and increase his chances of winning. Let’s know briefly about his abilities in this mod.

Iceologer Abilities

Ice Block

Ice block is the first ability of the Iceologer. He summons the ice on the ground to block the players where they stand. 

Summoning Polar Bears

Summoning polar bears is the second ability of the Iceologer. He can summon 4 polar bears to fight against you.

Lightning Strikes

Lightning strike is the third ability of the Iceologer. He can summon 4 lightning strikes too on the ground to block players and make them cook.


The one main feature that truly benefits the Minecraft player is getting loot. After defeating the Iceologer, players will get Ice wand as his drop. This ice wand is really a cool plus strongest weapon that throws snowballs as ice cubes. These snowballs kill the animal and sometimes even other entities.



In conclusion, Minecraft Iceologer Mod is a great chance to summon the most dangerous plus hostile dungeon mob with no effort of spawning the mob in Minecraft dungeons. Experience fighting against the strongest illager in your blocky worlds and get enhanced dropped items by killing the mob.


Does Iceologer mob have special abilities in this mod?

Yes, Iceologer mob has special abilities in this mod.

Can I summon the Iceologer mob?

Yes, you can easily summon the Iceologer mob.

Where can I download this mod?

You can download this mod from our website.

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