Minecraft Star Wars Texture Packs

Would you like to be a rebel star like Stormtrooper in your Minecraft survival worlds? There are top two Minecraft star wars texture packs that bring all the characters of Star wars within Minecraft having best of the empires. Add these texture packs, you will join different rebels and fight against your favorite characters as mobs.

Minecraft Star Wars Texture Packs

Rebuild Star Wars in Minecraft

Minecraft is a blocky game that has pixelated blocks and is popular across the world while Star wars is a beautiful film that is still ruling the hearts of players. Minecraft players are in search of rebuilding a whole new star wars environment within their Minecraft worlds. 

Making Minecraft a world of galaxies, you can download the best of two texture packs for it. So, start rebuilding another great piece of game into your Minecraft using these texture packs now. Can’t get enough? Explore Squid Texture Pack for Minecraft.

Mine Wars Texture Pack

Mine wars is the strongest star wars texture pack having a unique atmosphere and has a darker 16×16 resolution. This texture pack not only brings star wars objects and mobs within Minecraft but also improves your gaming performance in terms of resolution.

Minecraft Star Wars Texture Packs

There are many star wars items that you can easily use adding this texture pack including lightsabers, blasters and other strongest weapons for your defense against mobs. This pack will change the blocky environment to the whole star wars game. Moreover, you will have different cookies items including furnaces and different workbenches.

The Phantom Menace Texture Pack

Minecraft phantom menace is one of the most popular and the most used texture packs of star wars that brings quite similar environments of the star wars within Minecraft. Besides its popularity, it is unique in its own way. Once added to this texture pack, you have different star wars blocky blocks and mob entities.

Minecraft Star Wars Texture Packs

You will see different mob huts resembling the sand planet Tatooine. Miraculously, you will have two suns near each other covering the desert sky area. This texture pack allows players to visit galaxies within Minecraft.

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