Minecraft SpongeBob Mod

Minecraft SpongeBob is the latest mod created by the developers that is totally inspired by the SpongeBob Series. As Minecraft is a vast game, it has now added a mod that offers different items, blocks and mob characters like SpongeBob, Patrick or Mr. Crab.

Minecraft SpongeBob Mod

The World Of SpongeBob in Minecraft

Minecraft is an immensely popular game and has high ratings across the world because of its attractive crafting and building features. In its different editions players can add different mods and resource packs to enhance their gameplay and add more features like mobs, items or blocks. As of latest development, players can create their own world of SpongeBob and play against different mobs that are present in the SpongeBob series. This mod has gained its popularity and significance because of the character mobs. If you are a SpongeBob lover and want to play and craft with them, you are at the right place. These mod characters will make your gameplay more interesting because it is one of the most famous cartoons.

SpongeBob SquarePants World – Mobs

Besides talking about the significance of the game, Mobs present in this game are those mobs that you can enjoy playing and fighting. The SpongeBob mod offers different passive and neutral mob characters taken from the SpongeBob web series to bring amusement in this game.

The mobs including:

  1. SpongeBob
  2. Squidward
  3. Mr. Crab
  4. Gary
  5. Rocky
  6. Spongebob caveman
  7. Patrick caveman
  8. Patrick
  9. Sandy

These are different mobs present in these SpongeBob mods that you can fight against or you can tame them. No doubt all mobs have different colors, shapes, sizes and significance. So, in this Minecraft mod pickup your favorite mob character and have fun. Don’t forget to check out Minecraft Tank Mod.

Taming Mobs

Minecraft SpongeBob is no doubt a funniest and the most amazing game reviewed by the players till now. You can meet SpongeBob series characters here like SpongeBob, Patrick or Sandy. The lovers of SpongeBob and other character mobs can now tame them. They will follow your actions after taming. So, why take so much time? Tame SpongeBob by giving him a Krabby patty, crab cake, jellyfish bread, jellyfish pie, double crab burger, seaweed, seaweed soda, sea nut, and stinky ice cream. This is how you can tame other mobs by giving them different cookies.


Jellyfish is the cutest character in this SpongeBob square pants mod. Players can find it in the flower areas or in the grassland biomes. Jellyfish can easily be caught with a fish net. The main goal behind catching a jellyfish is to get effects as jelly fish gives you a slow falling effect for 10 minutes.


As Minecraft SpongeBob SquarePants is the mod in which players can play and fight against the SpongeBob or other mobs, you definitely need melee weapons. Spatulas serve as melee weapons in this mod and it does damage 6. The Golden Spatula does 9 damage and also gives you enchanted apples to tame the mobs.

Patty Wango

Minecraft SpongeBob SquarePants mod is a popular mod that you can also add to your Minecraft game and explore the world of SpongeBob on Patty Wango. It is a vehicle in this mod that helps Steve to fight against mobs and allows you to explore the world by sitting.


Are there any other mobs except SpongeBob in this mod?

Yes, there are other mobs in this mod except SpongeBob, relatively including Squidward or Patrick.

How can I tame SpongeBob in this mod?

You can tame SpongeBob in this Minecraft mod by using Krabby Patty.

Is Minecraft SpongeBob mod free to play?

Yes, this mod is completely free to play all editions of Minecraft.

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