Minecraft Black Panther Mod

Turn into a superhero called ”Black Panther” in your survival worlds adding the marvel-centric Minecraft Black Panther mod. This mod allows players to wear the black panther costume having unique fighting abilities. Moreover, players can get food, new tools, weapons, armor sets and a whole new gaming experience.

Minecraft Black Panther Mod

Bringing New Gameplay From Black Panther into Minecraft

Minecraft APK is a 3D game to play and craft while Black Panther is a fictional movie that adds a new character as a superhero into Minecraft. You can now get the natural abilities of the Black Panther, costumes and suits of the characters into Minecraft adding Minecraft Black Panther Mod. Meet new characters in the mod and use spawn power weapons and armor from the famous book of Marvel Comics.

New Characters

The Black Panther mod is a top achievement as it adds all the characters from the comic book into Minecraft. Players can meet the main character as Black Panther who is actually T’Challa, a king of African Wakanda. He is physically strong, fit and smart and good enough to fight against the hostile mobs. Besides the main characters, other characters added in the mods are Killmonger, Ulysses Klaue, Okoye, Iron heart, M’baku, Namor, Attuma and many others. Make a team of these characters and fight hard against all of the Minecraft mobs.

Minecraft Black Panther Mod

Weapons and Armor

Besides having the Black Panther book characters, the developers of the mod have added the best weapons and armor set of different characters. The armor suits of different characters have different features, colors and effects. You can wear any of your favorite character’s armor and be a superhero. With the armor suit of Black Panther characters, players can spawn weapons in their hands including Talokanil Spear, Trident of Neptune, Vibranium Zulu Short-Spear and Vibranium Ikakalaka Sword. Also check out Minecraft Armoury Offense Mod.

Minecraft Black Panther Mod


Finally to conclude the article, we can say that Black Panther mod is an opportunity for players to live a fully American comic life with new fighting styles, role playing adventure and new characters from the famous movie of a black panther!


Where can I download the mod?

You can download the mod from our website.

Does the mod add new weapons?

Yes, the mod adds new weapons.

Can I run this mod in the multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can run this mod in the multiplayer mode.

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