Minecraft Small Survival House

Minecraft Survival houses are best as startups in the Survival mode by using less of resources but are worthy to build a house beautiful. In this article, we have provided a step by step guide on how to build a Minecraft small survival house featuring a cute porch and a little gardening area. Let your creativity go on and have fun building a small house.

Minecraft Small Survival House

Step By Step Guide on Making a Small Survival House

If you are new to the Minecraft game and learn the basics of survival mode, make your own small survival house that looks attractive plus protective. Follow the steps given below to learn how to make a beautiful small survival house.

Step 1: Making Foundation

Start building a foundation of your small house making a 11 by 5 area of cobblestone having dark oak woods at the corners.

Minecraft Small Survival House

Step 2: Place Dark Oakwood at the Corners

Place 5 dark oak woods up on each of the corners where oak woods have already been placed to make the foundation tall.

Minecraft Small Survival House

Step 3: Place Birchwood Blocks

Between oak woods, place birch wood blocks at the front, back and both the two left and right sides. Once placed, place 3 blocks on the roof at both sides, having 1 block on top.

place birchwood blocks

Step 4: place Glass Panes

Place 2 glass panes at the center of the walls on both sides as a Window.

place glass panes

Place another two windows at the back 2 blocks wide from each other.


Step 5: Place Dark Oak Wood Blocks Inside the House

Once done with the window part, place dark oak wood blocks inside the house for flooring.

Place Dark Oak Wood Blocks Inside the House

Step 6: Making a Porch

Place 3 walls of cobblestone at the front of the house for making a porch. Add a layer of stone bricks on top of the cobblestone. Now, remove a layer of stone brick at the front center of the porch and place cobblestones at the bottom. Also remove a layer behind these stairs and place a row of stone bricks there.

Making a Porch

Step 7: Place a Door

Now, for placing a door between the walls at the front of the house, first place layers of Birchwood and Oak wood blocks as shown in the picture below.

Place a Door

Step 8: Place Fence

Place dark fence brick on both sides of the Porch. And also raise the corner with blocks at the end of the fence.

Place Fence

Step 9: Making a Roof

At first, Place dark oak woods at the center top ends of the wall then place 3 dark oak stairs on the top of these and fill the gap with oak wood blocks. Once filled, place 3  glass panes in the gap at the front.

Making a Roof

Step 10: Add Layers of Oak Wood Blocks

Add layers of oak wood blocks at the top of the fence to make the front roof of the house.

Add Layers of Oak Wood Blocks

Once done with the front, place one by one layers of oak wood blocks on all sides of the roof.

Minecraft Small Survival House

Step 11: Place Cobblestone Wall

Place cobblestone blocks to make a cobblestone wall at the back of the house.

Place Cobblestone Wall

Step 12: Exterior

For making the exterior of the house beautiful, place any of 3 blocks on both left and right sides of the house with trap doors around them and on the top. Place rose bushes on the top to make it look beautiful on both sides.


Step 13: Add Seeds

Place water at the front corners of the porch. Dig the front with Diamond How to add seeds and put bone meal on them.


Step 14: Add Cobblestone Blocks

Add cobblestone blocks between the seeds at the front. Once added, place some flower pots with jungle saplings in it.

Minecraft Small Survival House

Step 15: Add Decorations

At last, Go ahead inside the house and place different pieces of decorations you want in the house.

Minecraft Small Survival House

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