Minecraft Morphing Bracelet Addon

Ever wanna morph into different mobs of Minecraft? The Minecraft Morphing Bracelet addon has a stunning opportunity to offer. It allows players to wear morphing bracelets and morph into creepers and even into cute mobs. By morphing, you can easily village loot, do explosions and other activities hiding your real identification. So, dive into this morphing journey by downloading the addon from our website.

Minecraft Morphing Bracelet Addon

Transformation into Minecraft Mobs: Morphing Bracelet Addon

Minecraft Morphing Bracelet is the latest addon allowing you to transform into Minecraft download mobs so easily. For morphing into your favorite mob, firstly you have to wear the morphing bracelet. After that, find the mob and kill with 4x speed. After killing, you can easily morph into that mob. So, start your morphing journey in the Minecraft survival worlds now.

Morphing Bracelet

Morphing bracelet is the latest item that is the need of every Minecraft player. Transformation into different mobs and entities wasn’t easy before this addon. By wearing a morphing bracelet into your hand, you will get an ability to morph into different mobs. This addon will provide you with unlimited morphing abilities. You can even craft your own morphing bracelets to get these abilities by placing 4 soul soil blocks and 1 soul glass block.

Minecraft Morphing Bracelet Addon

Scroll of Souls

Scroll of souls is an item added by this addon for copying and storing morphs from your bracelets. Yes, using this item you can copy the morphs of different mohs and store them in this item and for crafting it, you need one paper and one soul glass. You can pick a mob in which you are going to morph.

Minecraft Morphing Bracelet Addon

Minecraft Morphing Bracelet Addon – Mobs

Minecraft Morphing Bracelet is a beautiful addon that allows you to morph into any mob and also add new types of mobs so that you can easily morph into your favorite mobs. Each mob has different abilities and all the abilities will transform into your personality once morphing the special mob. There are 50+ mobs in this addon that you can morph into but some main ones are listed below.

Minecraft Morphing Bracelet Addon
  1. Creeper
  2. Dolphin
  3. Drowned
  4. Endermite
  5. Enderman
  6. Fox
  7. Iron Golem
  8. Husk
  9. Hoglin
  10. Ocelot
  11. Panda
  12. Pillager
  13. Shulker
  14. Slime
  15. Trader Llama
  16. Witch
  17. Wither
  18. Zoglin
  19. Wolf
  20. Zombie Horse


Finally, to conclude this article we can say that this addon is the way to transform into different dangerous mobs as morphing into them. This will be a new gaming experience for players’ ability to integrate new features and utility.


How can I fly as a mob in this addon?

You have to turn on the Education Edition toggle to fly as a mob in this addon.

What is the supporting version of this addon?

The only supported Minecraft version is 1.20.40.

Where can I download this addon?

You can download this addon from our website.

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