Minecraft Flan’s Mod

Wanted a Minecraft gameplay, a combination of shooting plus transportation experience? Minecraft Flan’s mod is the most popular and active expansion that allows players to spawn high end weapons including guns, tanks, grenades and best of vehicles including cars, planes, trucks and other military vehicles. Have adventures embarking on a new Flan’s mod journey downloading this Minecraft mod.

Minecraft Flan’s Mod

Bringing Flans Vehicles & Weapons into Minecraft

Minecraft is a game of survival in different modes from survival to creative by just crafting and gathering resources but the Flans mod will automatically replace the gameplay into a whole new military survival gameplay allowing players to have heavy fights against mobs using Flans weapons and vehicles. So, for getting a new environment and adventures in Minecraft, download Minecraft Flans mod now from our website. Access all the Modding features in your Minecraft download version on either Android or Window editions.

Flan’s Mod Vehicles

Minecraft Flan’s mod adds new vehicles into Minecraft Gratis that hold high end power to transport to any dimension of Minecraft. You can use the vehicle to travel to different places, for hospitality or for picnic purposes. The mod has a feature of crafting vehicles inside the vehicle table of the Flan’s mod.


The mod added the best of tanks to use while fighting against mobs. Each tank has a system and some options including fuel, shells or guns.

Minecraft Flan’s Mod


Other vehicles are planes added by the mod. Players can roam on the skies of Minecraft dismounting different Flans planes. You can get Germans, United States, Japanese and different airplanes.

Minecraft Flan’s Mod


Besides different vehicles, the mod has added top main heavy guns that players can use in the gameplay to shoot on passive and hostile mobs. Battle against different mobs using these guns and win the whole Minecraft combat environment.

gun 1
gun 2
gun 3'
gun 4

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Finally to conclude the article, we can end by saying that every Minecraft player should add the latest Flan’s mod into their survival worlds to spawn new vehicles, weapons and other equipment to fight hard against mob enemies including zombies. The mod transforms your blocky Minecraft into the bombing shooter gameplay.


Can I spawn cars in the mod?

Yes, you can spawn cars in the mod.

Can I run this mod in multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can run this mod in multiplayer mode.

Does the mod add guns and grenades?

Yes, the mod added guns and grenades.

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