Minecraft Clash Of Craft Mod

Minecraft Clash Of Craft mod is the latest popular themed expansion that allows players to interact with the famous Clash of Clans characters from Barbarian to Miner and other troops. Players can build a whole new clash village in their survival worlds, train troop mobs and fight hard against Minecraft mobs with their troop armies.

Minecraft Clash Of Craft Mod

Bringing Touch of Clash Of Clans into Minecraft

Minecraft is a huge part of the gaming world allowing players to craft unlimited items and build astonishing structures but adding the touch of the famous multiplayer game “Clash of Clans” into Minecraft brings more interesting plus adventurous gameplay adding new mob characters, new items, weapons, spells, troops and other objects. So, developers have developed the Minecraft clash of craft mod that is the combination of two different games that hits players differently.

Clash Of Craft Troops

Minecraft clash of craft mod adds new troops as mobs in Minecraft that fight differently against the Minecraft hostile mobs. These mobs are called troops in this mod and each is hostile in nature. The mod adds Barbarian, Wizard, Witch, Miner, Giant, Goblin, P.E.K.K.A, Golem, Headquarter and other dangerous characters from the clash of clans game into Minecraft game. Each mob has different damage points and health points. These troops have special powers that you can use against Minecraft mobs while fighting. Also check out Minecraft Snootcraft Mod.


Troop Abilities/ Fighting

As in th Clash Of clans, the troops are powerful and have some damages, likewise the troops in the mod have different damaging levels with different health points. The mobs are really worthy to train them and make an army of them to fight against other Minecraft mobs. The fastest mob in the mod is boar rider with best health points. You can break blocks, throw fireballs, spawn skeletons and do other fighting effects with the help of your troops.



Finally to conclude the article, we can say that adding Minecraft clash of craft mod to the survival worlds of different Minecraft Free versions, brings more adventures, features, excitement and the doors of joyous times. You can interact with your favorite clan players and do heavy combats against Minecraft mobs having the troops by your side. So, you can download any Minecraft mods from our website and have fun!


Does the mod add new weapons into Minecraft?

Yes, the mod adds new weapons into Minecraft.

Can I play this mod in a multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can play this mod in a multiplayer mode.

Can I summon the troops in the mod?

Yes, you can summon the troops in the mod.

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