Minecraft Epic Paladins Mod

Minecraft Epic Paladins Mod is an RPG expansion that expands the Minecraft gameplay having the powerful Angel boss, new weapons, tools, armor, ores and other entities. This Minecraft mod is a complete combat against the main boss mob, wearing the most durable armor set. Get powerful weapons having double durability and damage points. 

Minecraft Epic Paladins Mod

Bringing RPG Gameplay into Minecraft

Minecraft allows players to add different RPG mods to enhance the gameplay and brings more RPG style fights and battles. Therefore, the developers have created the most impressive Minecraft Epic Paladins Mod that actually focuses on providing heavy tools, weapons and armor to players. You can use the invention stuff and fight hard against the main Angel Boss mob, which can also be summoned later. So, let’s dive deeper into the article to know about the main features of the mod. Also check out Minecraft Blokkit Mod.


Minecraft Epic Paladins Mod added a new armor set made from different powerful ores. These armor are full set protections, having knockback resistance and double durability. You can fight epic battles against mobs and the Angel Boss wearing different armor protection sets each including leggings, Chestplate, boots and helmets. The main armor sets offered by the mod are Angel, Arclight, Bloodstone, Knight, Cryorium, Jade, Moonlight, Sculk, Shadow and Assassin. Get yourself protected while fighting wearing these defensive armor sets.

Minecraft Epic Paladins Mod
Minecraft Epic Paladins Mod
Minecraft Epic Paladins Mod

Weapons and Tools

As Minecraft Epic Paladins Mod is the RPG expansion, it has added the coolest plus powerful weapons and tools into Minecraft that allow players to kill the enemies in seconds. Each weapon has high durability and damage points. The main weapons include: Angel Sword, Cryorium BattleAxe and Moonlight Glaive.

Moreover, besides weapons, players can use different tools that are basically the shovels, axes and swords made from different ores: Sculk, Jade, Moonlight, cryorium, Arclight and bloodstone. Mine these ores now and get new tools.

Weapons and Tools
Weapons and Tools
Weapons and Tools

Angel Boss – Mob

Minecraft Epic Paladins Mod has added the main entity as Angel Boss who is the main character of the mod. Angel boss is the newest mob present in the survival worlds of Minecraft having 850 health points. This boss mob has the ability to fly high in the sky and has 48 damage points. Angel boss is dangerous in nature and has powerful attacks against players. You can summon this mob using Arclight Crown on Pedestal Block. After killing you will get Angel Feather and Arclight Gem.

Angel Boss - Mob


Finally to conclude the article, we can say that Minecraft Epic Paladins Mod brings more weapons and armor into Minecraft to help players fight hard against the boss mobs. Moreover, players can have epic battles against the newest entities added by the mod. So, download the mod now from our website in such steps and its compatibility matches with your Minecraft download version.


Does the mod add new weapons into Minecraft?

Yes, the mod adds new weapons into Minecraft.

Where can I download the mod?

You can download the mod from our website.

Can I farm new ores in the mod?

Yes, you can farm new ores in the mod.

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