Minecraft Blokkit Mod

Minecraft blokkit mod is the newest way of enjoying Minecraft gameplay with cute little blokkit mobs in different Minecraft download versions. The blokkits in the mod are basically living mobs that have arms, legs, eyes and new fighting features. These mobs are inherited from the stones, sand, and even planks. Start your Minecraft journey in a new style fighting and crafting blokkits.

Minecraft Blokkit Mod

Introducing Cute Blokkit into Minecraft

Undoubtedly, Minecraft is one of the most popular crafting games that has all the features of crafting, creating, building and even simulation. To get more enhanced gameplay, the players sometimes download the Minecraft mods to expand their adventures. Likewise, here’s a beautiful Minecraft blokkit mod that players can add to their Minecraft survival worlds and get cute little blokkit mobs each having different characteristics and features. So, download this mod from our website now and enjoy interacting with little blokkits.

Blokkit Mobs

The Minecraft Blokkit mod by its name is an expansion that adds new mobs in terms of blocks. Each mob in the mod is a living block including iron blokkit, sand blokkit, stone blokkit, plank blokkit, grass blokkit, wood blokkit, gold blokkit, diamond blokkit, glow stone blokkit and other blokkits composed of different materials and resource blocks. The mobs have cute little legs and arms to stand and fight against enemy armies. Moreover, you can make your own army of different blokkits and have heavy fights against opponents within Minecraft.

Minecraft Blokkit Mod
Minecraft Blokkit Mod

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As the mod adds new block-centric blokkits, players can easily tame them to get their full support while having combat against dangerous Minecraft game mobs. You can tame the little blokkit mobs by feeding them golden apples. After that, they will be tamed and will follow you.


Blokkit Features

Each blokkit has different features and they actually want to help you out with fighting against dangerous mobs. There are two types of blokkits: Small and Adults. The heart point of small blokkits is 6 and of adult blokkits is 15. Moreover, you can level up your blokkit mobs by gaining experience of 250. By leveling up, their defense power will be increasing.


Finally to conclude this article, we can say that every player should download the Minecraft blokkit mod as it offers unique material based mobs from iron to stone. Each mob has unique effects and as an army, the defeat must be of your opponents. 


How to tame blokkits?

You can tame blokkits by feeding them golden apples.

Can I spawn a diamond blokkit in the mod?

Yes, you can spawn a diamond blokkit in the mod.

Can I tame the blokkit mobs in the mod?

Yes, you can tame the blokkit mobs in the mod.

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