Minecraft Color Codes

Color Codes

Minecraft color codes are the best things for the Minecraft players. Yes, color codes are used to change the color of your texts in Minecraft like used in game chat or commands. Each color has its own unique code so that players can easily set them while playing. Players can use these color codes for changing the color of texts, dyed armors or fireworks. In addition to codes, each color has 3 different types of codes including Chat Code, MOTD Code and has decimal values.

Minecraft Color Codes

Listed below are different Minecraft color with their chat codes, MOTD codes and decimal values.

  • Dark Red
  • Chat code: §4
  • MOTD code: \u00A74
  • Decimal: 11141120
  • Gold
  • Chat code: §6
  • MOTD code: \u00A76
  • Decimal: 16755200
  • Yellow
  • Chat code: §e
  • MOTD code: \u00A7e
  • Decimal: 16777045
  • Dark Green
  • Chat code: §2
  • MOTD code: \u00A72
  • Decimal: 43520
  • Aqua
  • Chat code: §b
  • MOTD code: \u00A7b
  • Decimal: 5636095
  • Dark Purple
  • Chat code: §5
  • MOTD code: \u00A75
  • Decimal: 11141290
  • White
  • Chat code: §f 
  • MOTD code: \u00A7f
  • Decimal: 16777215
  • Gray
  • Chat code: §7
  • MOTD: \u00A77        
  • Decimal: 11184810
  • Black
  • Chat code: §0
  • MOTD code: \u00A70
  • Decimal: 0

Minecraft Format Codes

Besides the Minecraft color codes, there are different built-in format codes for changing your texts to Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough or Obfuscated.

If you want to change the look of your texts and want a change in the game, you can use different format codes including chat codes and MOTD codes.

Listed below are different Minecraft format color codes for your texts with chat codes and MOTD codes:

  • Obfuscated    
  • Chat code: §k
  • MOTD code: \u00A7k
  • Bold    
  • Chat code: §l  
  • MOTD code: \u00A7l
  • Strikethrough 
  • Chat code: §m           
  • MOTD code: \u00A7m
  • Underline        
  • Chat code: §n
  • MOTD code: \u00A7n
  • Italic    
  • Chat code: §o
  • MOTD code: \u00A7o
  • Reset the default color           
  • Chat code: §r 
  • MOTD code: \u00A7r

Minecraft Sign Color Codes : Bedrock Edition

Bedrock edition is the next level edition of the Minecraft game that has all the latest features either in terms of crafting or fighting. As Minecraft bedrock edition offers an item named as sign, now you can use different sign color codes for your signs to make them look different and colorful. Each sign holds some text and you can now easily change the text colors of your signs in this stunning edition. In addition as discussed above, you can even use format codes here to change your text in bold, italic, obfuscated or default. Also check out Minecraft Volcano Builds.

Listed below are different Minecraft color codes for your sign texts with description:

  • §0        Changes text to Black
  • §1        Changes text to Dark Blue
  • §2        Changes text to Dark Green
  • §3        Changes text to Dark Aqua
  • §4        Changes text to Dark Red
  • §5        Changes text to Dark Purple
  • §6        Changes text to Gold
  • §7        Changes text to Gray
  • §8        Changes text to Dark Gray
  • §9        Changes text to Blue
  • §a        Changes text to Green
  • §b        Changes text to Aqua
  • §c        Changes text to Red
  • §d        Changes text to Light Purple
  • §e        Changes text to Yellow
  • §f         Changes text to White
  • §g        Changes text to Mine Coin Gold

Minecraft Pattern Color List : Java Edition

As java edition is one of the most experienced modes of Minecraft having different features and functions, you can decorate your items like shields or banners with pattern colors. You can use different pattern colors in the game commands to change the color of banner or shield patterns. This feature is only available in the Minecraft java edition. Each color pattern has its own unique ID that you can either search or type in the command box as  /give command.

Listed below are some Minecraft Java Edition color codes with their specific ID:

  • 14        Red    
  • 1          Orange           
  • 4          Yellow
  • 5          Lime   
  • 13        Green 
  • 3          Light Blue       
  • 9          Cyan  
  • 11        Blue    
  • 10        Purple 
  • 2          Magenta

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