Minecraft Dark Utilities Mod

Minecraft has one of the best adventurous and progressive mods, Minecraft dark utilities mod is one of those mods. Added unique sneaky items, new invitations, charms or plates each with special effects and specifications. Players can experience new fighting and crafting mod in Minecraft using potions or powerful blocks that enhance the gameplay of the Minecraft game.

Minecraft Dark Utilities Mod

Minecraft, besides having multiple mods, offers unique and high- powered multiplayer servers to connect players with other players across the world. Like this, players of dark utilities mod can play with friends or other anonymous players in Minecraft with a lot of discoveries. Want to explore the stunning utilities? Browse our website and get on your mobiles now.

Dark Utilities

Minecraft dark utilities is one of the most supporting minecraft mods for other tools or mods having different progressive features including blocks, sneaky items, filters, charms, traps or different plates. Players can enjoy harvesting related gameplay by downloading the mod. It works on all Minecraft editions and on all platforms including: android, iOS, windows or mac. You can easily trap and affect mobs for killing them. It offers various devices and units but also requires the class library Bookshelf API.

Playing dark utilities mod,  players can get updated items and optimizations. You can use imported and exported plates that are variants, feed slimes to get slime eggs or use conversation dust. The main feature that this mod offers to the players is Redstone randomizer for toggling Redstone signals. Download this game mod now along with its features for free from our website.

Minecraft Dark Utilities Mod – Charms

Charms are the items in Minecraft having potions effects on them. You can use different charms by putting them in the creating containers. You can find 6 types of charms with special effects in loot chests. Right click on them to activate their effects and boost up your energies. You can travel through portals, prevent insomnia, eat food quickly, or prevent being shotted. Start using your favorite charm potion according to your situation while playing. Listed below are 6 different charms present that are actually the rarest ones.

  1. Aggression Charm
  2. Focus Sash
  3. Sleep Charm
  4. Portal Charm
  5. Null Charm
  6. Gluttony Charm

Minecraft Dark Utilities Mod – Traps

Dark utilities mod offers different traps that are actually the blocks, useful to trap entities. Each trap has its own unique effect and specifications. You can make poison traps, slowness traps, damage traps or many others to easily escape and win the game mode. Whenever any entity stands or touches the trap, they get continuous effect of that trap as long as they touch the trap. This is the main functionality and mechanism of different traps. Start placing different traps in the mob’s ways and win the game.

  1. Poison Trap
  2. Weakness Trap
  3. Damage Trap
  4. Slowness Trap
  5. Flame Trap
  6. Wither Trap
  7. Maim Trap
  8. Player Trap

Minecraft Dark Utilities Mod – Filters

Filters in Minecraft dark utilities mod is another best feature for the advancement in the game. These filters are the blocks that players can easily place wherever they want to filterized. Filters work as a pass-through block that allows specific entities to come under that filter. Like players can only pass through players filter, hostile can only pass through hostile filter or animals can only pass through animal filter. In addition, players can also invert those filters by placing them into the crafting grid. Listed below are different filters present in dark utilities mod.

  1. Player
  2. Undead
  3. Hostile
  4. Baby
  5. pet
  6. Arthropod
  7. Slime
  8. Boss
  9. Fire resistant
  10. Animal
  11. Water

Minecraft Dark Utilities Mod – Plates

Plates in Minecraft dark utilities mod are the blocks having special abilities to prevent spawning in the game. You can use different plates for different purposes like for pushing mobs or entities, pushing mobs with a faster speed, locking entities if touched the plate. The plates really worked as increasing the chance of winning and surviving till the last with all rewards. Listed below are 4 stunning plates, each having more powers.

  1. Vector plate
  2. Fast vector plate
  3. Extreme vector plate
  4. Anchor plate

Sneaky Items & Blocks in Minecraft Dark Utilities Mod 

Dark utilities is basically a mod that helps players to advance the gaming experience using special items and blocks. It offers various sneaky blocks & items each having unique properties. Sneaking is a feature that helps the players to hide from mobs and like that sneaky word comes from sneaking. Using sneaky variants while holding blocks, you can get artificial blocks. If you break the sneaky variant, you can get a specific sneaky block. Listed below are different sneaky blocks and items that players can use for crafting.

  1. Sneaky Lever
  2. Sneaky Block
  3. Sneaky Button
  4. Sneaky Torch
  5. Sneaky Bedrock
  6. Sneaky False Block
  7. Sneaky Obsidian
  8. Sneaky Pressure Plate

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Miscellaneous Machines

In Minecraft dark utilities mod, players can use different misc blocks and items to advance the gameplay and experience best harvesting and farming. You can create different blocks using the miscs. Start exploring the dark utilities mod and brighten your gaming experience. Listed below are different misc present in the game that players can use or craft by their own.

Anti-Slime Block

It is a block that prevents the spawning of slimes.

Wither Dust

It is an item that is basically used for crafting.

Unstable Ender Pearl

It is a crafting component used to craft various pearl items and blocks.

Slime Blocks

It is a storage block that equals nine slimeballs used for moving blocks and entities.

Ender Hopper

It is a block that collects the items with a range of 4 blocks

Block Update Detector

It is basically a Redstone mechanism that is used to release Redstone signals whenever blocks are updated.

Shulker Pearl

It is an item used to craft pearl blocks.


In dark utilities, you can use TNT as a prank against mobs that actually look real as in the vanilla edition of Minecraft.

Monolith of Spawning

It is a block added by Minecraft Dark Utilities mod that basically alters the spawning of mobs.


Can I play Minecraft dark utilities mod on windows?

Yes, you can easily play Minecraft dark utilities mod on windows for free.

How many charms are present in Minecraft dark utilities mod?

There are a total of 6 charms present in Minecraft dark utilities mod.

What does block updater do?

It actually emits a Redstone pulse whenever updated.

Can I use TNT as a prank in Minecraft dark utilities mod!?

Yes, TNT in Minecraft dark utilities mod itself a prank but looks real.

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