Minecraft 1.20 Lush Cave Seeds

You can spawn and explore the beautiful overworld lush caves in different editions of Minecraft that are sometimes flooded with lava or water. Yes, using Minecraft 1.20 lush cave seeds you can directly spawn biomes that consist of lush cave biomes.

Minecraft 1.20 Lush Cave Seeds

5 Cool Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds

Minecraft is a vast game having different biomes and dimensions so it is a bit different to find lush caves that are mostly found underground. In this article, you can unleash the best of Minecraft 1.20 lush cave seeds that aren’t easy to spawn without using the seeds. So, start exploring and using the seeds in the updated version of Minecraft.

Lava Logged Flora

  • Seed: -359230415996051723
  • Coordinates: 72 -11 116

This Minecraft lush cave seed is top adventurous that will initially spawn you at the forest biome. Nearby is a beautiful lush cave but is flooded by the dangerous Lava. Yes, you’ve to take each step carefully and must have fire resistance with yourself.

Desert Temple in Lush Caves

  • Seed: 8982479184696970002
  • Coordinates: 731 35 -455 (Java)

This seed will initially spawn you at the forest biome because most of the lush caves found in this biome. So using this seed, you can spawn a lush cave in your java and bedrock editions having desert temples underground. You can mike ores and gather other materials too.

Lush Caves Surrounding Mountains

  • Seed: -6281032827949366960
  • Coordinates: -48 65 -160

This seed is beautiful in its own way and even brings beauty in your survival worlds. Yes, this seed will initially spawn you at the taiga biome having a lush cave opening. This seed will experience you exploring the nature of the taiga biome surrounding mountains and lakes.

Two Villages on Top of Lush Caves

  • Seed: 766112
  • Second Village Coordinates: -133 75

This seed is unique plus stunning for java edition players. You will initially spawn at the desert biome having a lush cave nearby from a few blocks away. The main thing in this seed is to explore the two beautiful villages that are settled on the top of the lush cave. You can easily explore villages plus the lush cave using this seed.

Lush Ancient City

  • Seed: -3293300164596197311
  • Coordinates: -1153 -41 -440

This 1.20 lush cave seed is amazing plus best for only java edition players of Minecraft. You will initially spawn at a beautiful lush cave having a complete ancient city inside the cave. Make sure to take potion of night vision with yourself for better exploring and gathering resources. If this caught your interest, explore Minecraft Best 1.20 Island Seeds.

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