How To Unlock Premium Features in Minecraft APK

Minecraft is one of the most popular plus adventurous video games that has immense gameplay in terms of crafting, building and exploring. It has a global level of popularity because of its thrilling and enhanced features that reflect real world customization. You can utilize each and every supreme feature of Minecraft APK and do wondrous crafting of unlimited items and building of complex constructions. Besides enjoying the unlocked features of Minecraft, the game holds premium features that allow players to have more pixelated and adventurous gameplay from crafting to exploring in the new modernized ways. Minecraft has top exciting features but the exclusive ones are locked and can be unlocked through different tips. So, this article is all about how to unlock premium features in Minecraft APK through different ways.

How To Unlock Premium Features in Minecraft APK

Unlocking Exclusive Features: Top Ways to Utilize

Ever imagined getting all the premium content including skins, maps, and other resource packs for free or unlocking them without any purchases? Here we are with our guide on how to unlock premium features in Minecraft APK with top beneficial ways through which you as a Minecraft player can get all the premium features unlocked for free.

As Minecraft is a whole venturesome video game, it holds a gameplay full of creativity, adventures, actions that can be enhanced through different premium features from using skins to change the appearances of the characters at different times to using maps to get a whole multiplayer experience with your friends. For getting all the premium features to get top level thriller gameplay, know about different exclusive tips that we have provided below. Also check out How to Play Minecraft APK on PC.

Unlocking Through Premium Account 

One of the most common ways to get your all locked features unlocked is paying for them using your Minecraft account: Microsoft. Buy a premium account of Minecraft from the play store and enjoy playing the gameplay with the unlocking of all Minecraft premium features from skins packs to maps. This way is not included in the terms of free unlocking.

Unlocking Through Toolbox

Second way to unlock different premium features including enchanted items, blocks, Minimap mods, potion effects and other special content packs is through downloading Toolbox from the playstore. Toolbox is actually an expanded launcher for Minecraft allowing players to unlock premium features within the box.

Unlocking Through Events

As Minecraft is a global level video game, it holds several events and challenges from adventurous missions to quests. In completion of the events by participating, earn different premium content packs including maps, skins or other rare items. So, every player should participate in such an event held by Minecraft and get a chance to win premium features.

Unlocking Through Realms

Minecraft holds a special part as Realms that allows players to experience multiplayer gameplay joining different servers or hosting your own private servers. Many globalized Realm servers unlock various premium features for those collaborating with them. So, join these special servers of Minecraft to get the special features.

Unlocking Through Gift Codes

Players can use different gift codes in Minecraft to unlock special premium features. Get special content of Minecraft for free as a gift using different gift codes. Promotions or playing cards actually provide these, updating them each time to access gift codes for unlocking special content.

Unlocking Through Beta Program

Unlocking premium content through the beta program is a plus point for Minecraft players. Players can fastly join the beta program of Minecraft and get special features and other exciting updates. Approach to new features and more enhanced gameplay joining the beta program as soon as possible. It is not perfect that way, but is willing to provide you with more updated features.

Unlocking Through Texture Packs

Minecraft texture packs are the expansions that players can download from our website and add to their Minecraft APK game for getting more visualized gameplay in terms of items and blocks. These texture packs hold special features that aren’t available in the real Minecraft. These features are in the expansion form. So, download your favorite texture packs and add to your Minecraft for getting exciting gameplay with special features.

Unlocking Through Mods/Addons

Many pro players use unlocking specific premium features through mods and addons as the most popular way. Our website offers various enhanced mods/addons that can add special content to your Minecraft gameplay. Adding in terms of unlimited premium items, blocks and other specific decorations. These mods/addons have content that holds premium stuff.

Playing Minecraft With Premium Features

Minecraft is an infinite game that holds a gameplay allowing players to enjoy unlimited crafting and building. Use different features from crafting items, special content packs and other enhanced resources. As a Minecraft player, you must know about different tips to get exclusive features for free. By knowing you can then utilize them to enjoy crafting, building and exploring boundlessly. Use different ways given below and get features to enjoy playing the gameplay of Minecraft in a more enhanced way. 

  • With the premium skin packs, change the appearance of your character according to your preferences.
  • With the premium maps, enjoy experiencing advanced minigames in a multiplayer way.
  • With the premium resources, enjoy building more complex structures and crafting cool gadgets.

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