How To Play Minecraft on Mobile

Own the most creative and adventurous 3D Sandbox game called Minecraft. Unleash its creativeness in the survival and creative modes and explore unique biomes and dimensions on your mobile devices with exclusive features. From surviving the hardness in the survival mode to building infinity in the creative mode, make your mobile phones an adventurous platform creating and building boundless with our beginner’s guide on how to play Minecraft on Mobile step by step. 

How To Play Minecraft on Mobile

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Play Minecraft on Mobile

Minecraft APK is a gateway to unlocked adventures featuring unique ways to craft and build in different biomes and dimensions. You can empower your creativity in building unique structures and improve your crafting skills trying new recipes. Ever wanted to own a gameplay full of adventures awaiting on each stage? Get a wondrous gameplay of Minecraft, Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition on your mobile devices as a beginner to the game.

From unleashing creativity to knowing about controlling the features, we have provided a beginner’s guide on how to play Minecraft on Mobile. As a beginner, dive into the sections below to download and play Minecraft step by step.

Download Minecraft APK on Mobile Device

Starting as a beginner to game called Minecraft, the main step to proceed is having your own Minecraft application on your mobile device. Follow the steps given below to know how to download Minecraft and from where to download.

How To Play Minecraft on Mobile
  1. Browse our website (theminecraftapk) on your browser you’re using on your mobile device.
  2. Once done browsing our website, locate the download Minecraft APK file on our main page.
  3. Click on Download Minecraft APK for starting its downloading execution.
  4. Once downloaded the file, install Minecraft and launch the app on your mobile device.

Sign In With a Microsoft Account

Here we are on the second step in our beginner’s guide proceeding to opening a Minecraft game and creating accounts for further playing. For accessing different content, features, updates and other details, you must have to sign in to your Minecraft accounts. Follow the steps given below for creating an account.

  1. Open the Minecraft application on your mobile device once launched.
  2. Now, click on the sign up option from the main menu.
  3. This will direct you to the Microsoft signup page.
  4. Enter your username and password of your Microsoft account.
  5. Complete the signed in process to start playing Minecraft.

Main Menu Overview

Once done downloading and signing up, there’s a consumer interface of the game that provides three options. As a beginner player, know about three different options you need to know before proceeding.

How To Play Minecraft on Mobile


Play is the first option, you will see after opening Minecraft. Tapping on this option, you can begin creating new worlds, joining multiplayer realms or accessing different world options.


Settings is the second option, you can do Minecraft settings according to your preferences. The setting options available are controls from keyboard to touch and general from audio to storage.


Marketplace is the third option, you will see different content packs that can be bought using mine coins or real time money. From skin packs to unlimited items, you can buy anything from the Marketplace.

Understanding Basic Controls/Movements

As a beginner player of Minecraft, it’s necessary to mention the introduction of different controls, you will be using in Minecraft consistently. Let’s know about different movements for playing Minecraft.

  1. Use left, right, up down arrows, given on the screen while playing to move accordingly.
  2. For jumping in the game, use the middle arrow button present between the left, right, up down arrows.
  3. For sprinting in the game, double tap the up arrow.
  4. For interactions using movements, tap on the entities to interact with them.

Creating Your First World in Minecraft

Now, you have learned the controls to move easily in the game, it’s time to start creating the very first world for you to begin playing Minecraft unleashing creativity. By following the steps given below, you can easily create a world and start playing in it.

  1. Tap on play and from the menu appeared, tap on Create New under Worlds category.
  2. Now tap on Create New World for creating your first world.
  3. A world menu will appear, name your world whatever you want to.
  4. Now, select the game mode whether survival or creative.
  5. Choose a level of difficulty from peaceful to hard.
  6. Change other options as well like TNT explodes, Show coordinates or Friendly fire.
  7. Now tap on Create, it will start building your terrain.
  8. Start playing in your first world adventurously.

Start Building and Crafting in Minecraft

Minecraft enlists different features that are exclusive to certain situations but crafting and building in Minecraft is essential to proceed the gameplay. You can survive the day and night in the survival mode or exploring the adventures in the creative mode using your crafting and building skills.

Let’s know briefly about crafting and building in Minecraft. Further more, also check out How to Become a Pro Player in Minecraft.

Unlimited Crafting 

Minecraft has a feature of crafting that allows players to craft anything they want from simple items to tools. Gather resources by exploration or mining from different locations including wood, stone, cobblestone and the valuables such as Redstone. After gathering such resources, start crafting simple recipes in the crafting grid.

Besides crafting simple recipes, you can craft weapons, armor and other blocks as you learn the crafting skills and proceed in the gameplay as a beginner. Furthermore, you can create Redstone contraptions but start with the basics first.

Creative Building

Besides mastering the basics of crafting, you can enjoy the adventurous gameplay of Minecraft building different constructions from simplest houses to largest mansions. As a beginner, you must start building a simple shelter using wood or stone for survival purposes at night. As you process the gameplay, you will be able to build large houses, castles, efficient farms and Redstone based modernized mansions. Build your favorite imaginary constructions as a beginner but using simple blocks like wood and stone and start from building small houses to modern houses.

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