How to Make Portals in Minecraft

In today’s article, we are discussing how to make portals in Minecraft through crafting and showing creativity. You can travel to different worlds through the portals including the end, nether and exit portals. Each player should know the basics of crafting and survival in a Minecraft game because this stunning game is totally based on crafting.

How to Make Portals in Minecraft?

Minecraft is basically a crafting game having items, blocks, resources, texture packs and more specifically have different modes and worlds. Each Minecraft mode including Creative mode, Survival mode, Hardcore mode and adventure mode holds unique content to enhance the gameplay of the Minecraft game. Players are attracted towards the Minecraft multiplayer gaming in which different players across the world craft and play together.

Minecraft is a game that can be easily downloadable on desktop, Android and iOS along with the features according to the editions. Yes, Minecraft has different editions with different features and functions.

Make the Portals in Minecraft

Minecraft has different dimensions and biomes. Each biome holds unique structures, items, blocks, mobs or other gaming content. For traveling to different biomes you need to craft portals. Basically in Minecraft, you will always need three portals for traveling including the Nether portal, End Portal, and Exit portal. These are three main portals to travel to the nether to overworld biome and end biome.

One question that is raised here is, how to make portals in Minecraft? The simple answer to this question is using, and crafting items, blocks and materials together to make different portals in Minecraft. Let’s start creating different portals in Minecraft to show the highest level of creativity in the game.

How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft?

As Minecraft has different dimensions, a nether is one of those. It is a specific creation or structure through obsidian blocks. You can use the nether portal to travel to the nether. To knowing how to make portals in Minecraft, go through our article. First, learn the creation of a nether portal, follow the steps given below.

  1. Mine at least 10 obsidian blocks by pouring 10 buckets of water onto lava source blocks.
  2. Build a frame by using obsidian blocks vertically.
  3. Frame needs to be atleast 4×5.
  4. You can adjust obsidian blocks step by step using placeholders.
  5. Once, frame is constructed you have to place fire inside the frame.
  6. The fire might be fire charge or flint and steel.
  7. Step in, in the frame for the activation.
  8. Take another extra obsidian block with you in case of destruction.

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft?

An end portal is another best creative or generated structure used to travel into the end. End portal frames can’t be mined or obtained naturally in Minecraft. So you have to visit the stronghold for the activation of the end portal that is already built-in.

Survival Mode

In survival mode, you have to only activate the pre-built end portal from the stronghold. You need an eye of ender. For activation, place an eye of ender inside each end portal frame that generates 9 end portal blocks in the whole structure.

Creative Mode

In creative mode, place 12 end portal blocks in a 3×3 square leaving corner boxes empty. Place the eye of ender in each of the blocks. For activation, make sure that the blocks and eye of ender are placed at the right positions of the 3×3 portal area. Now at last, stand inside the portal to activate it.

How to Make an Exit Portal in Minecraft?

Exit is another portal of Minecraft that allows players to travel back to their actual spawned places. It activates when you defeat an ender dragon. For creation, you need

  • A7 bowl shaped bedrock frame
  • A pillar that is central to the bedrock having a torch inside it.
  • Bedrock blocks surrounding 16 end stone blocks and 4 torches.

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