How To Make Glitchy Text in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that has all the crafting and building features in different editions and modes. Players of this stunning and enthralling game can create and craft unlimited items, tools, weapons and even texts of different formats. As Minecraft is a universal game, it has a feature of making a glitchy text that looks great as a decorative picture. Learn step by step guide on how to make glitchy text in Minecraft and make glitchy texts whether you have a Bedrock edition or Java edition.

how to make glitchy text in Minecraft

Creating Glitchy Text Effects in Minecraft

In Minecraft, basically a glitchy text is glitch affected text that is distorted or corrupted. For giving an effect to the text, you can use the glitch effect for stunning results. It makes your text look different in the chat box or even in the gameplay when adding text to the banners or boards. Be sure to include How To Make Stripped Wood in Minecraft in your research.

Players can make glitchy text using Unicode Characters. Let’s start making a glitchy text step by step.

Minecraft Java Edition

Learn How to Create Glitchy Text Effects in Java Edition step by step.

Step 1:

In the first step, you have to open your chat window in Java Edition by pressing the T key.

Step 2:

You can create different effects using the symbol “§”. So, for making a glitchy text in java edition, start by typing with §.

Step 3:

As there are different Unicode formatting codes, for making a glitch text you can choose one from the given below.

  • §m: Strikethrough
  • §k: Random character glitch effect
  • §l: Bold
  • §n: Underline
  • §o: Italic
  • §r: Reset

Step 4:

Once done typing with any of the above formatting codes, start typing up text next to the format code and press Enter. It will make your text glitchy and will look good and better.

Bedrock Edition

As Minecraft Java and Bedrock are two different editions of Minecraft game, both have different features and gameplay. In Bedrock Edition, players can’t make glitchy text because it has limited features than the Java Edition. The only way to make glitchy text in Bedrock Edition is to use third party tool websites. It all depends on which edition of Minecraft you are playing.


Can I make rainbow text in Minecraft as like glitchy text?

Yes, you can make rainbow text as like glitchy text.

How do I type § in Minecraft?

Press and hold Alt key type numbers 1 and 2 on keyboard and release the Alt key.

Can I make animated glitchy text in Minecraft?

No, you can’t make animated glitchy text in Minecraft using codes.

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