How To Make Stripped Wood in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game of crafting and building using tools and blocks. Players can do crafting of different wood items and build modernized wooden structures. In all editions of Minecraft, the wood of any type can be obtained from different easy methods. For building stunning wooden structures, you must have stripped wood beside you. As non-stripped wood can easily be gathered in Minecraft APK but have bark texture on all the sides, you have to first strip wood that you are using of either any type and then can be used in crafting and building. In today’s article, you will easily learn how to make stripped wood in Minecraft step by step.

how to make stripped wood in minecraft

Step-by-Step Guide On Stripping Wood in Minecraft

If you are playing Minecraft as a beginner in one of its stunning modes including Survival or Creative, here is a step by step guide for you on making stripped wood in Minecraft.

Step 1: Obtain Wood Logs

You can obtain any type of wood including Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, or Dark Oak. For obtaining wood you can use different methods. Obtain wood by chopping down the tree with Axe.

Step 2: Get Crafting Grid

You can get your crafting grid of 3×3 using crafting table. For getting a 3×3 grid, you have to open your crafting table.

Step 3: Craft Stripped Wood

Once you have obtained wooden logs place 2 wooden logs of any wood in the 1st and 2nd box of row 1 and another 2 logs in the 1st and 2nd box of row 2.

Step 4: Collect Your Stripped Wood

After placing 4 logs at their right place, you will get 4 stripped woods in the output box. Collect your stripped wood and place it in the inventory for making stunning structures and items later.

How To Make Stripped Wood in Minecraft

Natural Obtaining

In Minecraft, Stripped wood is very beneficial in building different structures, cooking food making items. Natural obtaining is another method for Stripped Wood. Stripped usually generate in plain villages of Minecraft. So, you can easily get stripped wood in plain villages of Minecraft naturally. In addition, don’t miss to overview How To Tame Creepers in Minecraft.


Can I make stripped wood in all modes of Minecraft?

Yes, you can make stripped wood in all modes of Minecraft.

How Do I make Stripped dark oak wood?

You can make stripped dark oak wood same using dark oak wood logs. Place 4 dark oak wood logs in the crafting grid to get stripped dark oak wood.

How can I burn stripped logs in Minecraft?

You can burn stripped logs in a furnace.

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