How To Make Cabinets in Minecraft

Minecraft is a widely known and phenomenal game that allows players to make creative structures and craft unlimited blocks and items. From Weapons to Furniture, crafting of everything is possible. Today in this article, you will get a step by step guide on  how to make cabinets in Minecraft as it is a widely used furniture piece in the world.

How To Make Cabinets in Minecraft

Making Stylish Cabinets in Minecraft

Cabinets in Minecraft basically come under the category of Furniture for storing different items or you can make cabinets as a decorative item. Players can now make amazing and stylish cabinets in Minecraft and are available in wood, stripped wood and stone variants. Additionally, make sure to check out How To Unbind a Key in Minecraft.

The design possibilities of cabinets are unlimited as it is not an official in-game item or block. You can make cabinets using two popular methods that include materials like frames, blocks or trapdoors.

Method 1:

The very first method of making a cabinet in Minecraft is used by all popular players of Minecraft. It’s very easy, so take a look at steps of making a cabinet.

  • You have to select any of the solid blocks you want for the cabinet frame. You can also use a bookshelf as a block.
  • Build a cabinet frame using a block that you have selected.
  • Attach 2 to 3 Trap Doors vertically as cabinet doors.
  • Add black banner for the outer frame of a cabinet.
  • Add decorative items like handles of any type including wood or stone for better appearance

Method 2:

Players can make cabinets using another method that includes: item frames and paintings.

  • Select any frame that you want: wooden planks or stone bricks.
  • Create the outer frame of the cabinet using your selected block.
  • In addition, add shelves if you want.
  • Place items frames vertically as cabinet doors for representation.
  • Do painting on item frames as you want to make the look of cabinets as real?
  • At last, add any door handles or buttons for completion of making a cabinet.
How To Make Cabinets in Minecraft


Can I craft and use Minecraft cabinets in all versions of Minecraft?

Yes, you can craft and cabinets in all versions of Minecraft except Vanilla Edition.

Do cabinets provide storage functionality?

Yes they provide but with some plugins and mods.

Can I use crafted Cabinets in Minecraft Multiplayer servers?

Yes you can use crafted Cabinets in Minecraft Multiplayer servers.

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