How To Make Bushes in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the best crafting game in which players can craft items for decorations. Yes, you can craft weaponry items from decorations items like bushes. In this article, we will provide all the details on How to Make Bushes in Minecraft so that it makes your exploration easy.

How To Make Bushes in Minecraft

Obtaining Bushes in Minecraft

Bushes come under the category of decorations. They have resemblance to small shrubs and foliage. Adding bushes to Minecraft, results in getting natural elements to gardens and landscapes. Players can get different types of bushes naturally because they are non craftable plants. Here we will provide the overview of rose and dead bushes and their obtaining. Further more, take a look at Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition as well.

Rose Bushes

Rose bushes are non solid plants usually known as flowers in Minecraft. It is a naturally generated Bush that players can easily find in forests, birch forest and dark forest. In the latest version of Minecraft, rose flowers have been renamed as Poppy

flowers. As of previous versions, players had to craft the rose bushes using 8 poppy flowers and 1 stick but in the latest version, you can’t make rose bushes in but obtain them naturally.

How To Make Bushes in Minecraft


For obtaining rose bushes in Minecraft, you have to explore flower forest biomes. They are randomly generated on grass blocks and have a high chance of spawning by placing bonemeal on a grass block. You can easily break them using different tools or with your hands.

Minecraft Bushes – Dead Bush

Dead bush is a non-solid decorative plant that actually looks like a shrub. Players can easily find it in desert biomes. Players can smelt one item per dead bush as fuel.

You cannot directly craft the non-craftable plant; instead, they can only find it naturally in desert biomes. They drop themselves when broken by shears and drop sticks when broken without shears.

Making dead Bushes in Minecraft


For obtaining dead bushes, you have to explore deserts, badlands and giant tree taiga biomes. They naturally generate on sand, Redstone, dirt or terracotta. Players can now obtain dead bushes in swamp biomes in the Java and Bedrock Editions.

Players can find the non-craftable dead bushes in desert village houses as well. You can easily break them using different tools or with your hands.


Where can I find rose bushes in Minecraft?

You can find rose bushes in a forest biome.

What is the use of rose bushes?

Players use rose bushes to make red dye.

Can I craft dead bushes in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, players cannot craft dead bushes as they occur naturally in the game.

Can I use bonemeal on sand to grow dead bushes?

No, using bonemeal on sand will not grow dead bushes.

Can I customize the appearance of bushes in Minecraft?

Yes, as different leaves results in different bush appearances.

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