How To Make a Boat in Minecraft

For finding the best 3D video game that holds all the features of simulation, adventure and creativity, we must say that Minecraft is no doubt a fabulous game having crafting features in which you can experience the best adventures besides crafting. You can craft different forest items, Island items or other mechanisms like boats and aircrafts. In this article, we are discussing how to make a Boat in Minecraft in steps. For your ease, we have provided all the crafting process step by step with pictures. Have fun making your own boats and transport yourself within that boat overseas.

How To Make a Boat in Minecraft

How To Make a Boat in Minecraft

In Minecraft APK, a boat is an entity that is used to transport players and mobs over water. It is the most useful and the cheapest vehicle type in the game through which you can also do trading over vast islands or oceans.

Boat is an overworld item that is crafted through the only overworld items. Players can craft different types of boats like Spruce boat, Birch boat, Acacia boat, Cherry boat or Jungle boat. If you are a beginner in a Minecraft game and playing in a survival mode then the crafting must be a little hard for you as you have to obtain or craft different materials like wooden shovels or wood planks before crafting a boat.

So, for making a boat in Minecraft, you need:

  • 5 Overworld Planks
  • 1 Wooden Shovel
How To Make a Boat in Minecraft

Step 1 – Open Crafting Menu For Making Boat in Minecraft

For making a boat in Minecraft, the very first step is to open the crafting menu. As in the crafting menu, you will get a 2×2 crafting grid but as for making a boat 3×3 crafting grid is needed. For getting it double click on the crafting table. This is how you can complete your first step towards making a boat in Minecraft.

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Step 2 – Place Wooden Planks

Overworld Wooden planks are the most useful blocks in the Minecraft game as it is useful in creating different wooden related items. For making a boat, you need 5 blocks of wooden planks. As shown below in the picture, you can craft wooden planks by wood. So, let’s start making a boat by placing 2 planks in the first and third box of row 2 and three wood planks in row 3 of the 3×3 crafting grid.

Place Wooden Planks

Step 3 – Place Wooden Shovel

Wooden shovels are another material that is used in making a boat. You can craft it using 1 wooden plank and 2 sticks as shown below in the picture. So, once you’ve crafted your shovel, place it in the middle box of row 2 of 3×3 crafting grid for completing the crafting process of a boat.

place shovel

Transportation And Speed Of Boats in Minecraft

The main usage of crafting boats in Minecraft is that it can transport players, mobs and even items over water, ice, or lands. You can easily control your boats with the left and right keys of your keyboard. Both the Minecraft java and bedrock editions have different ways of transportation. It depends on your edition in which you are playing.

In terms of speed, the speed of boats is affected by the surface as they move with different speeds on different surfaces.

  • Water: 8.0 blocks/s
  • Land: 2.0 blocks/s
  • Blue Ice: 72.7 blocks/s
  • Ice: 40 blocks/s

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