Best Minecraft Bedrock Edition Village Seeds

Every Bedrock player wants to explore the vast villages of Minecraft as in Java edition. Our seeds are the top choices of the Bedrock players that allow them to explore beautiful villages in different biomes and gather unlimited resources. Explore the well known plus best Minecraft Bedrock Edition village seeds.

Best Minecraft Bedrock Edition Village Seeds

Top 5 Village Seeds For Bedrock Edition

Seeds are the digital number and are clustered into the codes. Each seed has different spawn points and beautiful locations of Minecraft. Many players love villages and find it difficult to craft and build in Bedrock Edition but now using the best Minecraft Bedrock Edition Village seeds, players can build into their favorite villages endlessly. For further exploration, see 5 Best Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seeds For Bedrock Edition.

Snowy Metropolis

  • Seed: 2703639760368512368
  • Snowy Village: 360, 232
  • Taiga Village: 696, -216

Snowy and taiga are most visited biomes of Minecraft and players love building there and want to start from larger villages present in these biomes. This seed will spawn you at a village where many villagers live happily.

Coral Desert Villages

  • Seed:  -3373198683487676029
  • Desert Temple: 168 88
  • Reef Village 1:  -208 48
  • Reef Village 2: -320 708

This is the best desert seed you can ever find in Minecraft PE. This seed will spawn you at the most nearest village of a vast ocean having coral reef at its surroundings. Moreover there is also yet another villages and temples present within 1000 blocks of radius from the actual spawn point.

The Mountain Liar

  • Seed: 1090899386
  • Mountain Village: 280 296
  • Shipwreck: 152 -232

There are dozens of villages to find in this seed. The Mountain Liar seed will spawn you in between the cluster of buildings surrounding mountains. In the east and west you will find other best mountain peak villages.

Desert Village Tower

  • Seed: -9036966008009856678
  • Desert Village Tower: -168 -312
  • Ocean Monument: -120 152
  • Buried Treasure: 72 -120
  • Shipwreck: 56 -232

This seed is unique plus adventurous in its own way. You will have the best of villages and structures inside the village. Moreover this seed initially spawns you at the desert village tower and an ocean monument. Buried treasure is one of the treasures that can only be found under the tower.

Meadow Mountain Villages

  • Seed: 2595113116242317821
  • Flower Village: -392 -344
  • Ancient City: -280 -584

This seed will initially spawns you nearby three beautiful villages plus 2 ancient cities. These villages are on the meadow mountain and each village has its own beauty in terms of structures and plants. Build your own village there and happy construction!

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