5 Best Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seeds For Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Woodland is the well known systematic structure that is rare to found in Minecraft and hard to spawn. Discover the 5 best Minecraft woodland mansion seeds for Bedrock Edition and get experience living there. Especially if you are seeking a totem of undying, then immediately use the seeds given below.

5 Best Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seeds For Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Mansion Seeds

Minecraft is a building game having different structures and mansions.  From simplest homes to modern mansions, Minecraft APK Pocket Edition offers unlimited resources to build them in the larger areas and biomes. Woodland is the most liked Mansion found in deep dark forests and is the best spawning point of every player.

Get the latest seeds of the woodland mansion and survive in different biomes having that beautiful and amazing mansion especially for bedrock players. 5 Best Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seeds For Bedrock Edition will definitely amaze you with its best spawning locations.

Underground Woodland

  • Seed: -4967193972677765742
  • Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X: -71071, Y: 70, Z: -62091
  • Desert Village Coordinates: X: -70970, Y: 71, Z: -61937

It is one of the most magical seeds that will initially spawn you at the underground beautiful woodland mansion. Try to explore it as much as you can to know more about it and gather unlimited resources from this mansion. Moreover, there’s a desert village nearby that you can also spawn.

Taiga Mansion

  • Seed: -1549669365988579852
  • Taiga Village: 56 88
  • Desert Temple: 296 -1384

In Minecraft, woodland mansion is hard to find in all editions but using this seed, you will initially spawn at a point near the Woodland mansion. On the lower levels of this mansion is a taiga village having many taiga structures that enhance the gameplay of having two structures at the same time.

River Bank Mansion

  • Seed: 1289241832832901779
  • River Bank Mansion: 8 8
  • Plains Village: 120 8
  • Ancient City: 552 -51 456

Ever wanted to build a house at the main river bank of Minecraft? If yes, this seed is for you. It is the best seed that will initially spawn you at a beautiful mansion located at the river bank giving complete natural vibes. Along this house is a plain village having a ruined portal.

Hilltop Mansion

  • Seed: 8270990276491185680
  • Hilltop Mansion: 56 8
  • Dripstone Cave: -104 -8 -8

This seed is perfect for those who love exploring and crafting on the larger and giant hills of Minecraft. Yes, this seed will initially spawn you at the top of the mansion that is located on the top of the giant hill surrounded by a village and river.

Mountain Village Mansion

  • Seed: 6709148406763899126
  • Village Coordinates: 88 72
  • Mansion: 104 152

This is completely an adventurous seed to proceed in Minecraft. Mountain village mansion seed will initially spawn you at an ancient city village surrounded by beautiful mountains. In the village you will spawn an astonishing mansion having different details. For more related content, explore Best 5 Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds For Java and Bedrock Edition.

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