Top 5 Minecraft Hardcore Seeds

Exploring the vast lands of Minecraft is completely difficult plus hard in the hardcore mode of Minecraft. So you can use seeds for best exploration even in this mode to enjoy crafting plus building. Discover the top 5 Minecraft hardcore seeds in this article and enjoy spawning different locations.

Discover Minecraft Hardcore Mode Seeds

Minecraft Hardcore is the hardest mode of Minecraft in which all mobs including hostile plus passive mobs spawn you at every step but you have to continue exploring, crafting and building. So, to protect yourself from the mobs, you can use seeds. In this article, you will be able to discover the top 5 Minecraft Hardcore seeds that can only be applied on the hardcore mode so that the exploration and spawning get easier for you. Ready for more? Check out Top 5 Minecraft Creative Seeds.

Jungle Biome

  • Seed: 21320
  • Coordinates: -650, 200
  • Village: 250, -150

Minecraft has 3 different types of jungles to spawn including regular jungle, sparse jungle and bamboo jungle. Using this seed, you can spawn all these three jungle biomes at once with the coordinates. Moreover, in the jungle biome you can spawn the largest village surrounded by badlands.

Zombie Village

  • Seed: 5043976
  • Igloo: 50, and -200.

Another best plus hardest seed that you can use in your hardcore mode of Minecraft. In Minecraft Pocket Edition, it is very difficult to spawn zombie villages. You will initially spawn at the ice spikes biome having zombie village. You can also spawn igloo at the corner of this biome.

Mushroom Island

  • Seed: 7749012223532925400

It is one of the most beautiful biomes that you can spawn using this seed. Yes, in the hardcore mode, you will initially spawn at the largest Mushroom island having an ocean surrounded by the whole Mushroom fields. In the south and west, you can spawn different snowy villages and other biomes.

25 Ancient Cities

  • Seed: -8169586992898948313

In Minecraft, it is difficult to spawn ancient cities in different biomes and you can’t spawn 25 ancient cities at once. So using this seed, you can spawn 25 ancient cities in the deep dark biome. Moreover, you can spawn a buried treasure underneath.

Seven Spider Spawners

  • Seed: 48482644

In other modes of Minecraft, it is quite easy to explore and build but hardcore mode has settings on the top harder levels. Using this seed, you can spawn seven spider spawners at coordinates -69, -1, -185. For best exploration of farms and for farming Spiders you can use this seed.

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