Minecraft Traincraft Mod

Minecraft Traincraft is of the best and most played vehicle mod having different trains, zeppelins, locomotives and railway tracks. Players can easily craft different vehicles and use different armor sets for their defense during fighting against mobs. Minecraft offers best survival and creative mods to the players in which players can craft unlimited items and blocks and decorate their worlds with stunning items.

You can craft vehicles, buildings, farms, food, weapons, armor or even costumes of the players. Each Minecraft mod adds tons of features accordingly for the players. You can enjoy your Minecraft crafting journey by getting adventures and by exploring unique Minecraft Mods.

Minecraft Traincraft Mod

Traincraft Mod

Minecraft has the best mods having different experiences. Traincraft is one of the best Minecraft vehicle mods that adds tons of vehicles like trains and cars. Players can get full adventure in this Minecraft mod by using different diesel trains, locomotive railway vehicles and flying machines. Players can travel to different places of Minecrafts Traincraft even over large distances by the vehicles present in this game. For crafting the Vehicles, players must have to use train workbenches that are categorized under 3 assembly tiers. With the help of this stunning mod, you can easily create railway stations that reflect the real railways.
Players can easily download this game for free from our website and enjoy playing the mod with amazing real railway features. You can use your favorite real life reflected trains for transportation and used for trading purposes because most of the trains have large containers for storing items. This mod offers full access to the train’s inventory by just Pressing R. Players can use stakes for connecting engines and rolling stocks like passenger carriages. Use small steam locomotives for prevention of stucking. Start your railway journey now and have fun.

Minecraft Traincraft Mod – Trains

In Minecraft train craft mod, there are over 80 trains and other vehicles like zeppelin and locomotives. Players can enjoy traveling over different places of Minecraft train craft mode through trains. Players can easily play against any other train and fight with mobs. You can craft different links as tracks from one city to another in the traincraft mod. Upgrade your train engines and for better and far traveling. Start your own crafted trains, add water and fuel, switch off the brake press start engine.

Electric Locomotives

  1. Cart Hauler
  2. Tram
  3. VL10
  4. EU07
  5. Kawasaki PA4 (US)

Diesel & Steam Locomotives

  1. Class 08 Shunter (UK)
  2. ChME3 (SU)
  3. CD 742
  4. GE 44 Ton Switcher
  5. V60 (DB)
  6. IC4 DSB MG
  7. Shunter
  8. SD70M
  9. Forney 2-4-0
  10. Steam Locomotive
  11. Tenders
  12. Cherepanov
  13. Mogul 2-6-0
  14. SD40

Rolling Stocks ( Freight / Passenger )

  1. Freight Cart
  2. Tank Cart
  3. Passenger Cart
  4. Stock Car
  5. Jukebox Cart
  6. Heavyweight Baggage Car
  7. Work Cart
  8. Flat Cart

Minecraft traincraft mod also has different flying machines like zeppelin. Players can travel over large distances though zeppelin. Use Train Workbench for crafting these special vehicles for free and have fun.

Minecraft Traincraft Mod – Tracks

Minecraft train craft is the best vehicle mod game having different trains and tracks of trains. Players can build or craft different tracks in the mod or activate the tracks provided by the traincraft mod. You can build tracks with the help of track builders that is actually a machine used to dig tunnels and build tunnels even underwater.
  1. RailRoad Crossing (Black Asphalt)
  2. Slope Track (Ballast)
  3. Slope Track (Wood)
  4. Two Ways Crossing
  5. Very Large Slope Track (Gravel)
  6. Very Large Turn
  7. Parallel Switch
  8. Long Straight
  9. Medium Turn
  10. 90 degrees Medium Switch

These are the beat Minecraft traincraft tracks that players use for better experience of traveling via trains or other locomotives.

Minecraft Traincraft Mod – Armors

Each armor set in Minecraft traincraft mod has its own durability and repairing system. You can cure poisons, breath underwater, get night visions or protect yourself from many damages using train craft armors. Players can easily craft armors on their own and paint them in train workbenches. Few armors present in the game are listed below.

  1. Composite Suit’s Boots
  2. Composite Suit’s Helmet
  3. Driver’s Jacket
  4. Engineer’s Hat
  5. Driver’s Pants
  6. Ticket Man’s Jacket
  7. Reflective Jacket
  8. Engineer’s Overalls
  9. Composite Suit’s Chest

These all come under the category of armors. You can use these train craft armors that are even used as decorative suits.

Minecraft Traincraft Mod – Items

In Minecraft traincraft mod, players can craft different trains with different items using train workbench. You can combine different items together for crafting vehicles or you can use items to engine the trains. The beneficial crafting items, Minecraft traincraft mod offers to the players are listed below.

  1. Electronic Circuit
  2. Fine Copper Wire
  3. Cylinder
  4. Electric Motor
  5. Iron Cab
  6. Firebox
  7. Propeller
  8. Steel Frame
  9. Transformer
  10. Steel Chimney
  11. Steel Wheels
  12. Train Controls
  13. Generator
  14. Hydraulic Transmission
  15. Reinforced Plates
  16. Camshaft
  17. Copper Ingot
  18. Refined Fuel Canister
  19. Diesel
  20. Distillation tower
  21. Lantern
  22. Chunk Loader Activator

These are different items present in the Minecraft train craft inventory for the players to craft different things related to trains and other vehicles.

Minecraft Traincraft Maps

Minecraft train craft mod has the best places to explore. Players can locate the best places of traincraft by having maps. These maps can easily be crafted or you can activate best built in maps that are listed below.

  1. Traincraft Lohr map 2.0
  2. Railways of Middle-earth
  3. Transport Empire Iteration 9 Map For Immersive Railroading
  4. Project Railroad Cities
  5. traincraft Czech Republic
  6. Train Eater
  7. Traincraft Map America
  8. Island Of Sodor_v1.0 (for 1.7.10)
  9. Railway line Karlovy Vary

These are different Minecraft train craft mod maps that players easily activate to explore the adventurous places of traincraft mod like different railways and islands. Browse our website and know about these maps.

Best Texture Packs

Minecraft offers best traincraft mod texture packs to the players for better graphics and experience. Players can browse and easily use different texture packs having trains and other vehicles. Listed below are the best Minecraft traincraft texture packs.
  1. 81-71M metro
  3. Passenger cars
  4. SZDC Vectron V1 Traincraft
  6. Bastard
  7. ČSD E499.0
  8. Double Decker Passenger Cars
  9. 123 and 242 Czech Electric Locomotives
  10. Soo Line Days
These are different texture packs available for the players to see the Traincraft mod in different looks having different items and blocks, mobs and graphics.


Which Minecraft server provides Traincraft mod?

Railwaycraft is the Minecraft server that has a Traincraft mod.

Is it safe downloading Minecraft Traincraft mod?

Yes, downloading Traincraft mod on your pcs or android devices is completely safe and secure.

Can I easily link trains in Minecraft Traincraft mod?

Yes, you can easily link trains by attaching two locomotives together.

How many assembly tires are present to craft trains?

There are 3 assembly tires present for crafting trains.

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