Minecraft Resident Evil Mod

From strongest weapons to deadly dangerous mobs, Minecraft Resident Evil mod offers all to Minecraft players. Create a world full of Evil mobs, having fights with them using high damage weapons, armor and other equipment. Download this warfare Minecraft mod from our website to enhance the Minecraft features.

Minecraft Resident Evil Mod

Introducing Resident Evil Features into Minecraft

Resident Evil is the most famous franchise that has evil monsters and beasts, weapons, armor, materials and much more with a beautiful storyline. Influenced from the franchise, here is a Resident Evil mod in a Minecraft style having special mobs, heavy weapons, defending armor sets and materials to use against mobs. So, let’s dive into this mod to know more about its features.


The Resident Evil has a laboratory storyline that has lots of beasts and monsters that are evil in nature. The mod has added the famous Resident Evil mobs to the Minecraft APK gameplay in a Minecraft style including Lisa Trevor, Chef Mendes, Jack Krauser mob, Dr.Salvador mob, Zombie Dogs mob, William Birkin mob and other mobs. You have to fight hard against them and shouldn’t be escaped from the lab.

Minecraft Resident Evil Mod

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Resident Evil mod allows players to access to the mod inventory having all the items, armor sets, weapons, equipment and other powerful aircrafts. While fighting against mobs, players can use different weapons including axes, swords, knives, chainsaw and other weapons like this.



Besides the most famous mobs and items from the Resident Evil franchise, the mod has the best materials for Minecraft players including seeds, steel, ruby, diamond, iron and even gold. Players can either gather these materials in this mod or get easier and directly from the mod inventory.



Finally to conclude our article, we can say that Minecraft Evil residents replaces all the blocky structures, weapons and mobs with the famous franchise Resident Evil mobs, weapons, structures, armor and deadly bosses. Check your Minecraft APK free version before downloading the mod to match the compatibility of both mod and your version.


Where can I download this mod?

You can easily download this mod from our website.

Does this mod add all the mobs from Resident Evil?

Yes, this mod adds all the mobs from Resident Evil.

Can I play this mod in a multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can play this mod in a multiplayer mode with your friends.

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