Minecraft Realistic Road Mod

Wanna enhance the constructions in Minecraft and add more realistic roads? The Minecraft Realistic Road Mod adds new types of road, traffic lights, road signs, new constructions, blocks and sign templates. You can build a whole new territory within Minecraft using the realistic blocks of road and other construction blocks. So, add a touch of realism into your worlds by downloading this Minecraft mod.

Minecraft Realistic Road Mod

Adding a New Construction System into Minecraft

Players always wanted something that could enhance their survival worlds, reflecting reality. The Minecraft realistic road mod is an expansion that itself is a victory allowing players to use different road systems, blocks, construction items, machines and even all road-centric stuff from lights to signs. Know more about the mod features below briefly. Also check out Minecraft Epic Samurai’s Mod to get real time Japanese and ninja items and weapons from Katana to Tetsubo.

Road Signs

Minecraft Realistic Road mod is for modernizing the worlds of Minecraft APK though adds different road signs into your survival worlds for making the Minecraft roads more easier. You can add pylons, stop car signs, merge signs, detour signs, construction signs and other Australian signs and you can make your own road signs.

Minecraft Realistic Road Mod


Besides the road signs, the mod adds different asphalt blocks including painted asphalt 207, painted asphalt 200, painted asphalt 201, painted asphalt 202, painted asphalt 203 and others. You can even compare them with the normal black wool, but the asphalts look more realistic roadblocks to make lines and tar. Make road lines using the asphalt blocks for bringing more realism.


Traffic Lights

Besides road signs, pylons and asphalt blocks, players can now use traffic lights in the mod. These traffic lights are quite amazing and will make your Minecraf roads more enhanced and advanced. You can modernize your driving in the mod adding the traffic lights on different places giving red, green and yellow signals.

Traffic Lights


Finally to conclude this article, we can say that either building the new constructions or adding new roads leading to different spawning locations of Minecraft, the realistic road mod is something on another level of creativity and art.


Does the mod add road signs into Minecraft?

Yes, the mod road signs into Minecraft.

Where can I download this mod?

You can download this mod from our website.

Can I run this mod in a multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can run this mod in a multiplayer mode.

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