Minecraft Parachute Mod

Explore the wonders of Minecraft sky and enjoy the base jumping plus the skydiving experience both at the same time adding Minecraft Parachute mod to the simple blocky worlds. This mod is for enhancement in the flying world of Minecraft APK that allows players to wear different parachutes at their back and enjoy the flying in the deep skies to landing on the Bedrock world.

Minecraft Parachute Mod

Introducing Parachutes into Survival Worlds of Minecraft

Minecraft parachutes are something that allows players to jump from the high skies to the lowest lands of Minecraft without any damages. You can easily control them and easily fly upon the skies. The cords of parachutes are of different colors and look great when they are properly opened. To enjoy this experience of parachutes, download Minecraft parachute mods including Cybox and Edge to get your favorite parachutes in the Bedrock edition. Also check out Minecraft Transport Mod.

Cybox Parachute

Minecraft Cybox Parachute mod is a unique mod that allows players to deploy parachutes from the highest skies. It gives players the ability to fly high in the sky following some commands. The mod changes the whole survival environment and brings a new challenging gameplay especially for the beginners. Let’s dive into the features part of this mod.

  1. Press Open to activate the parachute. 
  2. For landing, you have to jump from the sky. 
  3. To remove the parachute, you have to kill it.
Minecraft Parachute Mod


The best feature of this mod is allowing players to craft their favorite Cybox parachutes of their favorite colors from red to green. To craft a parachute, you need wool, slimeball, string and caps. You can change the color of the parachutes by changing the color of a wool block while crafting.

Minecraft Parachute Mod

Edge Parachute

Minecraft Edge parachute mod is another expansion that players can easily download from our website and get the skydiving and base jumping experiences as they want. In this mod, players can get different types of edge parachutes by typing the commands in the chat box.

Edge Parachute


The command used to get the edge parachute is: @give @s edge:parachute_cyan

To activate the edge parachute, you have to long press your Minecraft gameplay screen while jumping from the above skies. Moreover, you can get different colors of parachutes including white, pink, blue or red from the mod inventory.



From deploying the parachutes to wandering the skies of Minecraft, the parachute mod is something relatively different from other Minecraft mods in terms of the gameplay and combat. This mod is limited to Bedrock Edition as Minecraft Bedrock players are really in need of. Check your Minecraft download version and the compatible version of this mod before downloading and playing.


Can I get parachutes of different colors in this mod?

Yes, you can easily get parachutes of your favorite colors.

Where Can I download this mod?

You can download the mod from our website.

Can I play this mod in the Java edition of Minecraft?

No, you can’t play this mod in Java edition as it is only compatible with Bedrock edition.

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