Minecraft Lethal Company Mod

Enter into the new world of danger full of darkness and abandonment in Minecraft adding the most scary Minecraft Lethal Company mod. The mod adds new scary weapons, company items, equipment and new characters from the famous Lethal Company video game. Enjoy the togetherness of both games within Minecraft fighting against dangerous mobs and experiencing dangers.

Minecraft Lethal Company Mod

Bringing Lethal Company Gameplay into Minecraft

Undoubtedly, Minecraft is a popular game that has all the features from fighting to simulation but there must be a scary touch to your survival blocky worlds. Adding Minecraft Lethal Company Mod into your Minecraft worlds is an achievement that brings adventures and new experiences to travel to the moon and back. So, let’s know about the features of this mod below.


Minecraft lethal company mod is an adventurous expansion that adds new lethal company items for the survival of players. As the survival world is really hard for beginners, the mod offers items to use against mobs, for building purposes or for making traps. Let’s know about different items added by this mod. The mod added flashlights, boombox, building blocks, shovels, road signs, ladders and other lethal company items.

Minecraft Lethal Company Mod


Besides the lethal company items, this Minecraft mod adds unique scary plus dangerous monsters. You can spawn the monster both inside and outside of the labyrinths. You can control the monsters through commands and use them to fight hard against other different monsters during fights. Each Minecraft APK monster becomes more dangerous, scary and terrifying by adding this mod. Hungry for more? check out Minecraft Dracula Mod.

Minecraft Lethal Company Mod


From providing Lethal Company weapons to items, this Minecraft mod is not less than a milestone for Minecraft players. Both video game features emerged with each other to provide better gameplay to Minecraft players. Download this abandoned basis scary mod now from our website but before downloading must check its compatibility with your Minecraft free version.


Can I get all lethal company weapons in this mod?

Yes, you can get all the lethal company weapons in this mod.

Where can I download this mod?

You can download this mod from our website.

Does this mod really make Minecraft scary?

Yes, this mod really makes Minecraft scary.

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