Minecraft C4 Mod

Minecraft players often have a lot of fun playing in the weapon mods as it brings a combat environment. Minecraft C4 mod is a mod that allows players to use C4 explosives against mobs or even underwater for better combat and fight.

Minecraft C4 Mod

C4 Explosive Mod For Minecraft

Minecraft allows players to do crafting of different weapons items and explosives to use against different mobs for defense. C4 is known as the most popular explosive of Minecraft that can be set off with Redstone. It is larger than other explosives works on a large scale.

Minecraft PE C4 mod added various C4 explosions of different colors and types that players can use as a combat weapon. Enhance up gameplay using C4 explosives and have better ways to fight. Further more, don’t overlook the beauty of Minecraft Small Modern Houses.

Igniting C4

The C4 mod has added different timed explosives,C4. Players can easily get C4 explosives in this mod and can activate them by right clicking on them. Countdown starts for activation, when right clicked.

Defusing Pliers

The mod allows players to easily activate the defuse C4 at the perfect times. You can defuse the C4 explosive in Minecraft using the defusing pliers tool. Players have to focusly defuse the C4 as it may lead to death for the players as it also damage entities.

Throwable Grenades

As the Minecraft C4 mod is completely based on explosions, the mod has added different throwable grenades. Throwable grenades are throwable explosives and cause other effects. To enhance the gameplay, players can use various throwable grenades to destroy surrounding blocks and items.


Is it free to download?

Yes, the Minecraft C4 mod is completely free to download.

Do the explosives explode underwater?

Yes, the explosives explode underwater in this C4 mod.

Is C4 Explosive able to kill passive mobs?

Yes, C4 Explosive is able to kill passive mobs.

Can I play this mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Yes, you can play this mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How do I download this mod?

You can download it from our website through the link provided above.

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